8 Moments When You Swear You’ll Never Write Again

Originally published July 19, 2013 (but definitely worthy of a re-visit)

1) The Late-Night Brain Dump

That moment at 4:30am when you cannot stop writing because the words just keep coming.


2) The I’ll Remember Tomorrow

That moment you didn’t write down the idea you had, and, eventually, you’ll lie on your death bed trying to think of it.


3) The All Day Procrastination

When you block of 8 hours of writing time for yourself and end up doing dishes, mopping the floors and generally getting nothing done.    *******************************************************************************

4) The Bad Review

The moment you read your first public bad review.


5) The Broken Leg

The day you get hurt and realize you probably shouldn’t have quit your job with health insurance.


6) The Party Ideas

The moment when you’re at a party and someone hears you’re an author, and they have the best idea for a story.


7) The Peak

The moment you realize your first book was the best book you’ll ever write, and all your new ideas are just variations on that first idea.


8 ) The Mind Eraser


When you spend 8 hours staring at your pen and pad and get 3 sentences that don’t even string together.

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      Ray says:


      Give up on the marketing. Just write. Marketing doesn’t work anyway, unless you are super hungry and you are watching a burger ad or something. They’ve proven that like 70-80% of marketing is wasted time and money. Writers should not be required to market or publicize their work. Let all the wannabe writers with marketing degrees do that. Just write! Don’t buy into all those lies publishers and others tell you where they say you have to market yourself. Its just their way of being cheap. Do you think J.K. Rowling markets herself?


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