15 Proven Strategies for Selling More Books at Your Author Events

If you’ve ever done an author event and didn’t sell many books, you are far from alone. And it’s probably not your fault, because it can take time to develop the strategies to have successful events.

How Book Pricing is a Powerful Strategy to Sell More Books

Pricing your book to sell is something many authors struggle with. However, having the right price makes it easier for your target readers to find (and buy) your book. With this in mind, it’s important to spend some time researching pricing and getting it right.

The Indie Writer Book Launch Guide

PART TWO: ARC Readers, Indie Bookstore Appearances, Advertising and Book Trailers, New Release Promotions and Book Blog Tours. 

4 Tips That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars When Self-Publishing

In this post, we’ll share four tips that authors who self-publish can use to minimize their upfront costs.

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Writing Goals in 2019

We've all been there, it's the end of the year and you're deciding what goals you want to set for yourself for a fresh start, hooray 2019!

How to Sell More Books with Amazon Pre-Order Strategies

If you’re a self-published author and you haven’t started using the Amazon pre-order option for KDP authors (Kindle Direct Publishing), it can really benefit your book marketing!

7 Publishing Trends for 2019

I think many authors take a look at the New Year and says, "okay what's going to be big this year? Vampires again? Women's Fiction? Suspense?"

Valentine's Day Advice: How Romance Authors Can (Better) Satisfy Their Readers

The romance genre is, without a doubt, the biggest genre in independent publishing.

How to Build Book Marketing Strategies into Your Novel Before You Publish

It’s an exciting time to be an author. And if you’re in still in the writing or editing phase, it’s a great idea to add some elements right into your book that you can use to help market your book when you publish.

What Can Authors Learn from the Most Common Proofreading Marks?

What’s the difference between the writing of an independent author and that of a traditionally published one? In a lot of cases, the answer lies in the details.

Here’s What You Must Know About Finding Your Target Reader

The bottom line is that gaining exposure isn’t that hard, but doesn’t guarantee it will sell books. A book can get discovered countless times, but getting people to buy it becomes much more difficult.

How to REALLY Reach Your Target Readers and Sell More Books!

If you want to sell more books, (and spoiler alert: we all do), you have to really know your reader.

How does KDP Print Affect Indie Authors?

The main things indie authors should be aware have changed since CreateSpace and KDP Print officially merged — and what has stayed the same.
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Advice for IR Approved Author Diane de Simone: "Write without any expectation of any return on your investment!! Leave it to the gods! To mystery!"

Have you noticed that if you mention ETs you get a smirk or a raised eyebrow? Why? Have you ever thought that’s the way government wants you to respond? That you’ve been programmed? 

5 FREE (and Awesome) Design Tools for Writers

As a self-published writer, you often find yourself in the shoes of a designer too. Here is a selection of less known apps and tools that will help you design and improve the looks of your ads, social media posts, and books.

How to Increase Your Book Sales and Exposure this Holiday Season

If you’ve ever wondered how to integrate the holidays into your book marketing efforts, below are some useful tips to help you go about doing so.

Social Media, Venting and the Importance of Finding Author Friends

Social media is like a really bad game of telephone, where you post one thing, and hours later you're sacrificing puppies in your backyard and claiming to be Harry Potter.

Why Your Niche Category Can Make a (BIG) Difference in Your Sales ("Thriller" edition)

Hitting the “Publish” button on KDP may be one of the most exciting moments of an indie writer’s experience. Far from being the end, this moment signals the new upcoming battle against marketing!
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Randy Niederman on THE MYTH OF LOVE: "The male character is based on my time working as a private investigator...The female lead character is based on a Russian woman I became friends with, who worked as a dominatrix."

The premise for this novel--a love affair, in which the woman leaves a man--came during a solitary drive from Athens, Georgia to South Florida. It’s a ten-hour drive and my GPS battery died an hour in, causing me to miss a turn.

3 Top Quick Wins to Boost Your Writing

A look at the top 3 quick wins to boost your writing.

Hiring A Book Marketing Company? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You’ve considered hiring a book marketing company to help…

8 Moments When You Swear You'll Never Write Again

When the writing gets tough, the tough just keep writing!