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8 Inspiring Examples of Social Media Book Content Done Right

As an author, you need to find your target audience and promote your book to your readers.

How to Write an Optimized and High-Converting Book Description

If you’re a writer, you’ve wondered: do book descriptions matter? How many readers pick up your book and factor the description into their purchase decision? I’m here to tell you: enough.

9 Creative and Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas for Indie Authors

Indie authors often have limited budgets for promoting their books. However, there are many cost-effective and creative ways for authors to market their books and reach new readers. 

6 Sure-Fire Gift Ideas for Your Writer Friends

If like us, you have friends who happen to be writers, then here are some suggestions that could end up saving you countless hours.

Why Every Indie Author Needs a Newsletter (And How to Create a Great One)

In creating your book marketing plan, it can be tempting to focus your efforts on advertising. But while these strategies have the potential to be effective, they can also be quite unpredictable.

The Power of Reader Engagement and 5 Tips to Make it Happen

When we talk about book marketing, many authors tend to think that the ultimate goal is book sales. But what often gets overlooked is reader engagement.

Maximizing Your Amazon Author Central Page

Great marketing often relies on two important resources: time and money. But it doesn’t always have rely on both equally.

The Best Contract Negotiation Advice for Authors

One of the greatest joys for an author is seeing their creative work published. Yet the journey of putting a book onto the market isn’t always smooth or easy.

IndieReader Now Reviews Audiobooks!

Way back in 2009, IndieReader was one of the first companies to offer professional book reviews to small press, hybrid and self-published authors.  Next up?  We have added the option to review audiobooks. Why now?...