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Maximizing Your Amazon Author Central Page

Great marketing often relies on two important resources: time and money. But it doesn’t always have rely on both equally.

Seeing the Good in Goodreads Giveaways

A lot of authors have strong feelings about Goodreads, but no matter where you stand, the reality is that the platform is owned by Amazon, so having a solid profile, pushing for reviews and ratings,...

How To Find Your Writing Voice

What makes two novels next to each other on the Amazon page different from one another? They might be similar stories involving common genre tropes. But some people connect more with one writer’s work and...

Five Marketing Questions to Guide Your Future Book Release

Congratulations! You’ve finished your book and you’re ready to launch it into the world. Now it’s time to harness your creativity and drive to the process of marketing your baby.

3 Reasons You Aren’t Marketing Your Book (and how to fix that)

What keeps you from pulling out your book marketing plan and taking action?

IndieReader Teams Up With Reedsy for Prompts

We know that 2020 has been a memorable (aka stressful) year for many.  According to experts, one of the recommended ways to manage stress and anxiety is by thinking about what scares you most and...

12 Dos and Don’ts for the Self-Published Author

In the last decade, even as self-publishing a book has gotten easier, becoming a successful author has gotten far more challenging.

Can You Zoom Your Way up the Bestseller Charts?

No matter where you live, the past few months have no doubt wreaked some form of havoc on your personal and professional life. We’re all getting used to new ways of managing our careers, helping...

A Second Chance at Success: When Revising and Re-Releasing is the Answer

By Penny Sansevieri In a perfect world, book marketing would be flawless right out of the gate when a book is released. In reality, that is often not the case. But even if things didn’t...