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Why Every Indie Author Needs a Newsletter (And How to Create a Great One)

In creating your book marketing plan, it can be tempting to focus your efforts on advertising. But while these strategies have the potential to be effective, they can also be quite unpredictable.

4 Tips on How to Get Noticed on Twitter: An Indie Author’s Guide

When it comes to book promotion, the importance of making connections cannot be overstated and we’re lucky to live in a time where, through social media, there are so many avenues available to make this...

The Power of Reader Engagement and 5 Tips to Make it Happen

When we talk about book marketing, many authors tend to think that the ultimate goal is book sales. But what often gets overlooked is reader engagement.

3 Ways to Turn Your Casual Readers into Diehard Fans

Have you ever wondered why some authors seem to have such a dedicated fanbase? And more so, how you can establish one yourself?

The Best Contract Negotiation Advice for Authors

One of the greatest joys for an author is seeing their creative work published. Yet the journey of putting a book onto the market isn’t always smooth or easy.

6 Tips for Pitching to Local Media + How to Do It Effectively

Marketing your book to the media is a great way to get exposure for your book. And while you may be tempted to go after the big national outlets right out of the gate, don’t...

5 Warnings I Wish I Could Have Given Myself Before I Published My First Book

It’s often said that hindsight is 20/20. And after publishing my first book, I can definitely see why that’s so.

How to Get your Self-Published Book on the Shelves of Indie Bookstores

Every author dreams of walking into an independent bookstore and seeing their very own published book on the shelf. And this dream is valid!

How Being an Indie Author Makes You a Small Business and 5 Things You Can Do to Prepare

As an indie author, realizing your dream of finally publishing that book that’s been in your head for years can seem like the ultimate goal. But deciding to publish a book today also means deciding...

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