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IR Approved Author Colin Dodds: “This seems like one of the worst times in history to be famous.”

Rudolph’s in a Cadillac, Santa’s in hiding and Christmas itself is being bought and sold with the fate of the world at stake. 

Best Reviewed Books of the Month — November


Advice from IR Approved Author Kim Catanzarite: “Don’t expect anything to happen. Just do your thing, write your books, keep going.”

Gregorie Babin is an innately gentle person struggling against the monster he’s becoming against his will.

Advice from IR Approved Author Tósìn Peters: “Enjoying the process is an integral part of the journey.”

"Letters to Untitled" is about reclaiming the narrative as a trauma and abuse survivor through poetry, reflections, and prose.

IR Approved Author S.B. Frasca on the Hardest Part of Being Indie: “Driving the ship and yet always having to drive the ship.”

From loser, to vandal, to… hero? Tenth-grader Hy navigates new, messy feelings of friendship, identity, and self-worth through an epic art project.

Advice from IR Approved Author Alex Bisset: “Don’t give up! It feels daunting at times…but stick with it, reach out to people in the amazing writing community, and you will find help along the way…”

A wildly entertaining, humorous, but educational story about two new parents navigating childbirth and more for the first time, written from a new father's perspective.