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Advice from IR Approved Author Jesse A. Ellis: “Don’t be afraid to buck the trends, because trends don’t last.”

Five souls from various regions of Elybion collide an epic adventure filled with mystery centered around a powerful stone. Kai is given the stone from his dying mother with a single task to return the...

Advice from IR Approved (and Bestselling!) Author Jill Sanders: “Just keep writing what you love and take time out to appreciate your hard work.”

Just because she has fiery red hair, doesn’t mean that Aubrey has the temperament to match it. Actually, it was quite the opposite, Aubrey was the shy one out of the group of friends.

IR Approved Author Diane M. Johnson: “There’s a level of validation that comes from being accepted by a traditional publisher.”

Lucas is a young, failed Satanic cult leader (and a sociopath) on a quest to find redemption for the evil he's done. He wants to atone for the torture and torment he put his brother...

6 Practical Business Tips for Authors to Market their Story of Success 

With so many aspiring authors in the industry today, it's crucial to establish and maintain your presence as early as you can.

Advice from IR Approved Author Graham Forlonge: “Keep it truthful and real no matter how hard it is to tell your story.”

In one lifetime, how many people can say they have driven through a crowd of angry, rioting natives, had their vehicle hacked to shreds by axes and bush knives, and survived the ordeal? I can!

Advice from IR Approved Author H. Downing Lane: “Start writing when you have the urge, write about what you love and keep writing whenever you can.”

Sailing alone through the Exumas and Bahamas.

IR Approved Author Ron Potter: “…because Walt Whitman self published, I said, what the hell.”

Turmoil gets buried in a life like a worm in an apple. And it gets buried in a boy when his father pushes him into developing an aggressive personality which negates his spiritual, artistic yearnings.

Best Reviewed Books — APRIL

Best Reviewed Books of the Month -- April

IR Approved Author R. M. Kozan: “I was inspired to begin this book out of sheer frustration.”

In a future where Mars is the center of power, and Terra is viewed as a problematic colony with delusions of grandeur, young Terran Ralf emerges from Space Corps Academy with much knowledge and skill,...