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Advice from IR Approved Author G.R. Morris: “While it’s good to know what the market wants, you also should write what you like.”

A philosophical fiction that blends The Matrix and Hellraiser, it gives answers to free will and the meaning of life. A coming-of-age story where a teenager becomes a superpowered messiah and attempts to free humanity...

Advice from IR Approved Author Bruce J. Berger: “Be really careful about submitting a perfect manuscript.”

"The Music Stalker" is about a piano prodigy who must survive in a dysfunctional family, contest with severe mental illness and find a way to reshape her life as the world – including a real...

IRDA Winning Author Lorrie Nimsgern Tells All About Her Book

Given early divisions over slavery and the vaster issue of states’ rights, was a breakup of the American Union inevitable so soon after the colonists united and waged a successful war for independence? 

Holly Brandon Tells All About Her IRDA-Winning Book

Thirty-one-year-old Dr. Chastity Ann Morgan’s continued search to fulfill her romantic fantasy of a perfect marriage takes her to an unexpected place when she begins to have vivid, déjà vu dreams of a mysterious, otherworldly...

IRDA Winning Author Karmen Špiljak Tells All About Her Book

Fourteen dark tales with culinary twists range from a cursed cake and a sinister cook in a mountain village to a dinner between neighbours gone murderously wrong.

Author Erik Keller Tells All About His IRDA-Winning Book

A journey of how interacting with plants and nature can help heal mental, emotional, and physical trauma.

IRDA Winner Esta Bernstein Tells All About Her Book

The inspiration for the book was derived from a need to explain in more detail the reasons behind the questions being answered in my documentary, Changing Horses.

Julie Tetel Andresen Tells All About Her IRDA Winning Book

One mysterious device, consumed by a dead boa constrictor. Two star-crossed werepanthers on the hunt for a missing person. Three gangs of international mobsters in on the chase. Welcome to Florida!

The Top 10 LGBTQ+ Books to Read This Pride Month

Celebrate Pride with LGBTQ+ writers' books! Every June, the LGBTQ+ culture, including its artists, producers, and authors, receives a lot of attention. This increased prominence during Pride month, though, shouldn't be limited to one month...