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IRDA Winning Author Christopher Hawkins Tells All About His Book

"Downpour" is about a family that becomes trapped in an isolated farmhouse when a strange rain begins to fall that literally eats away at their home and turns everyone around them into monsters. They were...

PL Bandy Tells All About Her IRDA Winning Book

Using the transformative power of small, affordable, and proven steps to create lasting change in health and wellbeing.

IRDA Winning Author Lily Foster Tells All About Her Book

When the Night is Over tells the story of Charlotte Mason and Simon Wade, two idealistic, headstrong people struggling against the pull of their circumstances.

Advice from IR Approved Author Dee Knight: “Stick to your story, and never give up!”

This book delves into genocide in Palestine, and the war crisis in eastern Europe, West Asia and East Asia. It examines the role of the Big Lie in blunting popular opposition, and describes ways countries...

IRDA-Winning Author Lana Taylor Stuart Tells All About Her Book

Born and raised in south Georgia, Lana Stuart grew up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home. The smell of chicken frying, the taste of freshly churned ice cream, the...

IRDA Winning Author Sheryle Gillihan Tells All About Her Book

Reality is malleable and shaped by our experiences and lenses through which we view the world. While we may inherently get this, we still have a hard time bridging the gap between the world we...

Burden of Proof

The number one piece of advice I give authors when it comes to proofreading your own work is this — Don’t!

Authors Susan Rogers + John Roosen Tell All About their IRDA-Winning Book

Get ready for a thrilling ride through the sparkling sub-tropical city of Brisbane, Queensland, in Cobra Pose, the second installment of the Yoga Mat Mysteries series.

Author Audrey Auden Tells All About her IRDA-Winning Book

The Voice in All tells the story of Ava, a 16-year-old determined to free herself from the powerful priestesshood that controls her society, and Dom, who is called by the mysterious Voice in All to...