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IR Approved Author Justin Hale: “When you’re indie, there’s no machine behind you to push you. You’re the machine.”

RUNNERS is primarily about a group of rogue “assassins for assassins” (think who you would send to kill James Bond) that have given up the life and now run guns to survive.

Advice from IR Approved Author MJ Pankey: “…choose a designer who can create a book cover that clues readers in that your book belongs beside comparable titles.”

On an ancient Greek island ravaged by famine, five heroes make plans to overthrow the king to win back the favor of the gods and restore prosperity to their home, but they soon discover that...

Advice from IR Approved Author Jo Sisk-Purvis: “Find the writing habit that works for YOU”

Watchers’ eyes track a miles-distant bird; Listeners’ ears hear a whisper a village away. Knowers, extinct for 500 years, possessed telepathic powers straight out of a nightmare.

Advice from IR Approved Author GHAD: “Leave a notepad by your bed because the best ideas come to you when you’re struggling with sleep.”

A thrill ride through Toronto’s underworld of crime — from a viewpoint not known to many.

IR Approved Author Djordje Bajic Tells All About his Book

A murder mystery set amongst the frozen winter streets of Belgrade. 

Advice from IR Approved Author Brieanna Wilkoff: “The more you put yourself out there, the more experience you’ll gain and the more connections you’ll make, both of which will open more doors in the future.”

Ultimately, it’s a story about healing, which occurs within the context of ’80s rock, theater, and random acts of kindness.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

8 Content Ideas to Drive Sales

IR Approved Author Madeleine MacRae Tells All About Her Book

This is a story of self-discovery that follows the journey of a misfit penguin who feels out of place in his Antarctic home.  

Advice from IR Approved Author KC Sanford: “Consider working with a writing coach…a good one can help you find and elevate your voice.”

K. C. Sanford’s STORKED! tells the emotional true story of a child born as Baby Girl, whose existence was erased by the closed adoption system.