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IR Approved Author Suzanne Tierney: “I write to connect with readers”

During WWI, a woman runs away from home, changes her name, fakes her nursing credentials, joins an ambulance hospital on the frontlines of France, and falls in love with an enigmatic doctor who may be...

IR Approved Author WG Hladky: “Approach the editing process as an opportunity to revisit old friends and haunts.”

THE FLASHFALL SWORD is a prequel to THE BOOK OF RUIN. Senior Chief Weir’s great-grandfather, Ranger Lovecraft Weir, wields his Flashfall sword in the service of NATO at a time when a Dark Age torments...

5 Great Tips: A Beginner’s Guide to Author Branding

Congratulations! Now that you are a published author, you have something in common with Coca Cola, Nike, and even J.K. Rowling: you are a public entity.

IR Approved Author Bruce J. Berger: “I don’t think there’s much difference between being published by a large publisher and an indie. One spends a lot of time on marketing. Period.”

Greek siblings separated by the Holocaust rediscover each other after almost five decades and give each other new reasons to live.

IR Approved Author Joe Canzano Talks “Suzy Spitfire”

When outlaw Suzy Spitfire flies to Venus in search of a vicious serial killer, she’s looking for the road to redemption—but instead, she quickly becomes involved in a gang war, a revolution, and a desperate...

IR Approved Author Suha AL Khalifa + Richard Bellamy on their “Heir of Darkness”

The story takes place in the end of the 18th century, on a mountain range, in Bohemia. Sophia, a medium receives warning of an approaching danger.

IR Approved Author N.L. Holmes on Self Publishing: “Forget the old idea that there’s some stigma attached to it.”

"The Singer and Her Song" is the story of Uqnitum, a famous singer from the kingdom of Mitanni, who is captured and enslaved with her family when the Assyrians conquer her country.

Best Reviewed Books — MARCH


IR Approved Author Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV Explains how “understanding the sciences of survival + prosperity” can teach you to “be a better you.”

The Survival of the Richest book is essentially one long argument demonstrating the relationship between the sciences of biology, economics, finance, and survivalism.