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Author Elisabeth Haggblade Tells All About her IRDA-Winning Book

A first-person account of the postwar years in Munich, Germany, with the war as an ever-present shadow leaving its physical and psychological marks.

Author Bill VanPatten Tells All About his IRDA Winning Book

Jesse Pérez’s fifteen-year-old pregnant niece from Texas shows up on his doorstep in Central California seeking help—plunging him into the politics and law of a post-Roe era and a showdown with his estranged family.

Author Josh Green Tells All About His IRDA-Winning Book

CHASE LUMPKIN, a decorated Afghanistan war veteran, commits a heinous act and retreats into the North Georgia wilderness in hopes of disappearing forever. JACK LUMPKIN, a millionaire wildman sports radio star in Atlanta, catches wind...

IRDA Winner K.A. Nelson Tells All About His Book

The shocking story of Nazi Germany’s naval assault in American waters, told through the eyes of seafarers who experienced it off the Jersey Shore.

Author Michael Glenn Tells All About His IRDA-Winning Book

My book features nineteen stories written over the course of sixty years. Many highlight difficulties in relationships.

Author John Winn Miller Tells All About His IRDA Winning Book

The Hunt for the Peggy C is a World War II maritime thriller that could be described as Casablanca meets Das Boot.

IRDA Winning Author Genevieve Morrissey Tells All About Her Book

Rachel Woodley’s quiet, ordered life as a minister’s wife was turned upside down, first by the death of her infant daughter, and then again by the breakdown of her marriage when her husband, young Reverend...

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