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Advice from IR Approved Author Corey Wolff: “Don’t try to make your work fit into someone else’s concept of what it should be.”

"The Journey of an Acorn" is about an acorn that wants to separate from an oak tree.

IR Approved Author Brian James Gage: “I’ve always been a story teller and wrote my first screenplay in the fifth grade.”

Evoking elements of Jack the Ripper and Vlad Dracula, the first book in the Nosferatu Conspiracy series is an action-packed and suspense-filled alternative retelling of Rasputin's diabolical influence over the final days of the Romanov...

IR Approved Author Ben Wyckoff Shore: “…you could say writing a book is like getting a tattoo, always thinking about the next one. Hopefully fewer regrets.”

Terribilita received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title. Following find an interview with author Ben Wyckoff Shore. What is the name of the book and when was it published? The book...

Advice from IR Approved Author Cynthia Haggard: “…it is really important to develop a thick skin.”

"Farewell My Life" spins an operatic tale of dangerous love that revolves around Grace, a shy 17-year-old, whose fabulous talent for the violin promises a shimmering career.

Seeing the Good in Goodreads Giveaways

A lot of authors have strong feelings about Goodreads, but no matter where you stand, the reality is that the platform is owned by Amazon, so having a solid profile, pushing for reviews and ratings,...

IR Approved Author Nancy Yeager: “Being an indie means being in charge of every aspect…which is exhilarating and liberating, but also at times overwhelming.”

In 1870, a proper gentleman and a virtuous lady go undercover in London’s seedy underworld to rescue her kidnapped father. While free of society’s stifling conventions and busy dodging bad guys, they give into their...

IR Approved Author Martin Elsant: “What motivates my writing, and what I believe motivates most authors, is the desire to make the world a better place, even if just a little bit.”

In Coimbra, in 1570, a man dares to challenge the powerful Portuguese Inquisition to save the father of the woman he loves in ACTS OF FAITH.

And the Winner of the IR/Reesdy Prompts Contest is…UNPAVING PARADISE

And the Winner of the IR/Reesdy Prompts Contest is...UNPAVING PARADISE

How To Find Your Writing Voice

What makes two novels next to each other on the Amazon page different from one another? They might be similar stories involving common genre tropes. But some people connect more with one writer’s work and...