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IRDA Winning Authors Madalsa & Zuivere Mamgain: “Enjoy every bit of the journey. It is a very steep curve but with patience and perseverance we can scale it.”

The book is a series of poems compiled together in nine neat chapters. Each chapter explores one Covid-19 related theme (COVID-19, Social Distancing, Solitude, Fear, Abuse, Pain, Prayer, Gratitude and Hope).

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Your Book Series

As consumers, we often go for a sure thing – name brands, established retailers, familiar movie stars, etc. – because we like what they offer and we know what to expect.

IRDA Winning Author Lewis Kempfer: “My journey…could be a source of hope and inspiration to others.”

"Don't Mind Me, I’m Just Having a Bad Life" is a raw, rapid-fire account of one man’s frightening journey to self-acceptance.

IRDA Winner Travis Lee Hicks: “Readers who are going through difficult times will be inspired by my daughter’s story and find solace in knowing that they’re not alone.”

“No Match For Her” is a memoir of my experiences as the father of a pediatric cancer patient.

IRDA Winner Mishka Migacz: “My hope is that by telling this story, I will encourage someone else to keep going and not give up. “

"Childhood Canceled" is about a girl, Mishka, who recounts the story of a lost childhood—of being in protective custody, beaten, and then released to her mother, a brilliant but unstable woman.

IRDA Winner Tolu’ A. Akinyemi: “Writers are living things, writers don’t die.”

This book is a collection of seven insightful short stories covering everyday events that are articulated in excellent storytelling.

IRDA Winning Author Sarah Zabel on the best part of being indie: “That what is produced truly represents me, not someone’s commercial interests.”

"Fighting Chance" is a scientific exploration of major depression, from its cellular neurobiology to modern treatments.

IRDA Winner Skye Westdijk on the best part of being indie: “Being able to make all the decisions yourself.”

The world has been wrecked by an age old war after the death of the Lady of Light. In "A Dance of Darkness", seven unique characters cross paths and discover that they have a much...

IRDA Winning Author C.K. Donnelly: “I believe having a supportive and experienced team of professionals (editors, PR, etc) to help is critical to an indie book’s success.”

Sixteen-summer-old Mirana Pinal is one of the few to have ever possessed all three magical Aspects—Seeing, Healing, and Defending—but she has terrifying visions that wielding her magic will destroy her homeland.