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IRDA Winning Author Megan Montgomery: “I needed to do something brainy. I figured I’d either start researching a novel or start taking pre-reqs for medical school. I was too old for med school…”

When antiques restorer Emerson Broome is mistaken for a panhandler by the handsomest man she’s ever seen, it might finally be the time to take a wrecking ball to that gruff exterior she’s built to...

IRDA Winner C.P. Mangel: “This is my debut novel, published shortly before my sixtieth birthday.”

"A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest" is the story of a sensitive biracial fifteen-year-old girl whose universal yearning for identity and belonging reflects the searing inhumanity of legalized segregation and heart-breaking obstacles both historical and tragically present...

Identifying And Using Book Metadata And Keywords To Increase Your Book Sales

Self-publishing is a popular option for authors these days. However, going that route means not having access to a lot of the same contacts and resources you would have if you worked with a big-name...

IRDA Winner John Gonzalez: “My motivation is internal.”

Through storytelling, we share some of the Korean people’s most humanistic attributes that have their roots in the Confucian and Daoist traditions and have survived the tension between traditional values and an endorsement of globalization...

IRDA Winning Author Raea Gragg: “My goal as a graphic novelist is to create bodies or work that are fun!”

MUP follows the story of a little girl who gets trapped in the future with her teenage self, where both girls have to work together in order to save the world.

IRDA Winner John Gubbins: “Dead white guys filled the curricula of the schools I attended.” 

"Authentic Wilderness" recounts life on board the Neptune: the cold, the threats from the Bering Sea, the shifting sexual alliances among the men and women crew members, and the mind numbing work. 

IRDA Winning Authors Madalsa & Zuivere Mamgain: “Enjoy every bit of the journey. It is a very steep curve but with patience and perseverance we can scale it.”

The book is a series of poems compiled together in nine neat chapters. Each chapter explores one Covid-19 related theme (COVID-19, Social Distancing, Solitude, Fear, Abuse, Pain, Prayer, Gratitude and Hope).

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Your Book Series

As consumers, we often go for a sure thing – name brands, established retailers, familiar movie stars, etc. – because we like what they offer and we know what to expect.

IRDA Winning Author Lewis Kempfer: “My journey…could be a source of hope and inspiration to others.”

"Don't Mind Me, I’m Just Having a Bad Life" is a raw, rapid-fire account of one man’s frightening journey to self-acceptance.