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IR Approved Author Lee Woodman Tells All About Her Book

SOULSCAPES is about “other ways of knowing.”

IR Approved Author Nancy White Tells All About her Book

Betrayed by her parents and her criminal husband, naive young widow Carrie Wagner flees her home in Columbus, Ohio, to follow her dream of starting over in California. Even though she's sworn off men, Carrie...

IR Approved Author Rodney Nelsestuen: “I have something that I can’t put my finger on that drives me to sit down and write.”

Winston Williamsen, head of the law firm his father founded, grapples with the realization that his life has become a fraud. Trapped in a profession he felt coerced into, his cynicism deepens as his actions...

Be an Original

So, if you’re thinking your idea or creation won’t be successful because it hasn’t been done, reprogram your brain.

Multiple IR Approved Author Michael Pronko: “I subscribe to the BIC school of writing—butt in chair.”

Detective Hiroshi tracks down scammers who are taking advantage of retired people, but discovers what’s behind Tokyo’s clean façade and how street-level scammers are not the only ones scamming.

Best Reviewed Books — March


Advice from IR Approved Author Eva Asprakis: “…make the most of that creative freedom and write the stories that speak to your heart.”

Thirty-Eight Days of Rain follows Androulla Demetriou, who is twenty-four and newly married when she learns that she is infertile. In a bid for Cypriot citizenship she is undergoing adoption by her stepfather, and wondering if...

Advice from IR Approved Author Rodney Nelsestuen: “Regardless of whether you are published or not, don’t hesitate to call yourself a writer.”

Set in the rural Midwest in the middle of the last century, Too Many Stones illuminates a woman’s life in her pastoral setting as she is surrounded by people and events that change the course...

Advice from IR Approved Author Helena P. Schrader: “Learn to love marketing!”

"Cold Peace" is the first novel in the three-part Bridge to Tomorrow series that tells the dramatic story of the Berlin Blockade through the eyes of ordinary people.