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5 Perks of Being an Indie Author

In another era, an aspiring writer might dream of one day having a book published by one of the Big Six Publishers: Random House, Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group, or Macmillan. 

IR Approved Author Ellis Johnson: “The greatest advantage of the indie world is expediency.”

With a growing reputation as an investigator, Dr. Nolan is recruited by the CDC to review their failed search for the source of a deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak in southern California.

IR Approved Author David Giffen on What Motivates Him: “PC Answer: Making a difference. Non-PC Answer: Winning. Both are true.”

The book is a memoir; a eulogy to both the first half of my life and my life as an ordained Anglican priest.

Advice from IR Approved Author Roar Alexander Mikalsen: “Never give up and never let opposition bring you down.”

I don’t know if you are familiar with the traditional tale of the three billy goats? It is a key part of Scandinavian folklore, and I have built on it to write a story about...

Advice from IR Approved Author Mohammed A. Halim: “If you are not afraid of hard work, go ahead.”

This book is about the Koranic laws and rules on Muhammadism (the religion followed by the Muhammadans), and the way those laws and rules are being observed by the Muhammadans of today, all over the...

Advice from IR Approved Author Cam Lang: “If you’re struggling to find an idea or advance your story, go for a walk and just study everything you can.”

I like to call this a "Murder Mystery History"...and a book about urban planning!

Best Reviewed Books — August


Advice from IR Approved Author Jim Christopher: “Find a process that fits with your personality and pushes you to finish your project.”

A terminally-ill man changes his end-of-life plans when a disembodied omnipotent voice offers him hope, and a deadly purpose.

Advice from IR Approved Author Larry Brill: “Get as much joy as you can from the writing process itself. The rest is gravy.”

A conservative, English-born newspaperman and a radicalized American prostitute combine their unique skills to uncover and publish reports of government graft and British military secrets in 1773 Boston as the colonies and the crown inch closer...