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IR Approved Author Daniel Maunz: “Being an indie author gives you a great deal of latitude in thinking outside of the box…”

"Questions of Perspective" is the story of two dissatisfied attorneys - Dave and John - who both struggle to find their respective roles in the Universe after John inexplicably takes over the role of God.

Five Marketing Questions to Guide Your Future Book Release

Congratulations! You’ve finished your book and you’re ready to launch it into the world. Now it’s time to harness your creativity and drive to the process of marketing your baby.

IR Approved Author Joellyn St. Pierre: “Everything is alive. Death is just a name for something we don’t understand.”

Filled with laughter, tears and poignant insight, "Could Anthony Newley Be My Muse?" is an important addition to consciousness research encouraging people with no mediumistic abilities to create a bridge between the worlds.

IR Approved Author L. James Rice: “The stories have been building in my head for thirty years, they need to get out.”

A young priestess named Eliles stands in the heart of a centuries-old conspiracy destined to unleash holy war or demonic genocide; through lies, manipulation, and murder, she’s on a seventeen-day march to fulfill or defy...

IR Approved Author Sara B. Fraser: “Writing makes me feel good.”

LONG DIVISION is the interwoven stories of three generations of women.

3 Reasons You Aren’t Marketing Your Book (and how to fix that)

What keeps you from pulling out your book marketing plan and taking action?

Advice from IR Approved Author Kyle Bradford Jones: “Going indie doesn’t mean settling for less, but often actually means the opposite.”

"Fallible" is my experience as someone with a major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder who is also a physician.

IR Approved Author Monique Gliozzi tells all about her book “Vestige”

"Vestige" is a ghost story taking place in New York City/The Hamptons that starts off with a child psychologist who is about to go on vacation with his son.  

IR Approved Dan Saber: “I only have one piece of advice: When you’re writing, keep writing.”

"Good Intentions" is a combination of Starry Night. Crime and Punishment. WrestleMania X-Seven.