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Advice from IR Approved Author Brian Barrie: “Write for yourself, for the joy of telling a story…”

Marta lost her parents when she was five years old. Robbed of her family, she was consigned to grow up in a cold, cruel orphanage in Germany.

Announcing the 2020 Discovery Awards Winners!

IR Approved Author Brandon Keaton on the best part of being indie: “…the journey itself, as cornball as that sounds”

Eighty years from now humanity has found a way to live forever through the discovery of an inhuman technology.

7 Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Book Marketing Plan

A book marketing plan is a document that outlines what you want to accomplish with your book, how you’ll do it, what you can afford to spend, and when you’ll do the work involved. If...

Advice from IR Approved Author John Righten: “Craft your dream onto paper, all of it.”

Lenka Brett, a smart but unworldly, young, Irish teacher, volunteers to deliver medical aid when the world learns of the horrifying plight of children in Romanian orphanages.

IR Approved Author Carol Basile on the best part of being Indie: “I have the freedom to make decisions that I believe are best for developing, writing and publishing my books.”

At the age of six, Joe was diagnosed with autism. It was 1972 and little was known about this disability.

Building a Pathway to Success: How Small Goals Lead to More Book Sales

When it comes to publishing your book, all authors have the exact same goal in mind: to sell more books. And this is a great goal to have! But getting there can be a lot...

Advice from IR Approved Author Darren Dash: “The more you write, the more you learn, the better you get — so keep writing!”

Eyrie Brown served in the Army when he was younger, but is now a taxi driver in London. When he comes to the aid of a wounded gangster one night and gives him a lift...

Advice from IR Approved Author Bill Lefurgy: “Find a way to get honest feedback.”

A courageous young female doctor and a tormented private eye enter the seedy underworld of 1909 Baltimore in search of a killer.