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IR Approved Author Kyrie Wang Tells All About Her “alternative history novel”

The orphans. The outcast. In a country torn by rebellion, they will rise as heroes.

5 Tips to Getting Your Book Noticed by Readers

Promoting a book in this digital age can be difficult for many authors. Whether you are just getting started on your writing journey, or you are a seasoned pro, the market can prove a little...

Mark A. Rayner Tells All About His IRDA Winning Book

Maximilian Tundra is about to have an existential crisis of cosmic proportions. When a physical duplicate of him appears in his living room, wearing a tight-fitting silver lamé unitard and speaking with an English accent,...

IR Approved Author Phil Earle on His Motivation: “The truth of the universe is indefinitely beautiful.”

The book is about the adventurous life of Capt Guy Earle, who became a master of the salt fish schooner trade in the early 1900’s.

IR Approved Author John Webster on His Motivation: “Telling my story gave me my chance to leave my mark…”

My memoir recounts a surprising story: how I let myself slide into an unhealthy state, then finally turned that around.

Multiple IRDA Winner Sue Stevens Tells All About “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is”

"Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is" helps you align money and meaning so you can live your best life.

Advice from IR Approved Author S. E. Richey: “…never stop learning and improving your craft so you can write the best story possible.”

Lulu has lost her first tooth and cannot wait for her first visit from the tooth fairy. Trixie has been training and training and cannot wait to become an official tooth fairy. Everything would be perfect if only Trixie...

Curiosity, frustration, imagination, and a unique perspective are at the heart of this tale about Lizzy, the protagonist from the “It’s Just So” book series. Written in lyrical rhyme, we are taken on a rainy-day...

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