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IR Approved Author Monique Gliozzi tells all about her book “Vestige”

"Vestige" is a ghost story taking place in New York City/The Hamptons that starts off with a child psychologist who is about to go on vacation with his son.  

IR Approved Dan Saber: “I only have one piece of advice: When you’re writing, keep writing.”

"Good Intentions" is a combination of Starry Night. Crime and Punishment. WrestleMania X-Seven.

Advice from IR Approved Author Tim Holden: I believe there is real benefit in letting your subconscious slow cook the plot while you’re not writing.”

The question at the heart of the book is why did Robert Kett, a man with much to lose, do what he did? Aged 57, he led a very large rebellion in Tudor England.

IndieReader Teams Up With Reedsy for Prompts

We know that 2020 has been a memorable (aka stressful) year for many.  According to experts, one of the recommended ways to manage stress and anxiety is by thinking about what scares you most and...

IR Approved Author Christie Nicholls: “When I’m writing – I turn off my phone and cover it with peanut butter.”

ELEPHANTS IN MY ROOM is comprised of 17 true stories/personal essays of embarrassing and personal nature. Most of the stories are exceptionally funny, and a few are real tear-jerkers.

Advice from IR Approved Author Eugene DeFriest Bétit: “To thine own self be true.”

"Collective Amnesia" examines in detail the entire 400 years of African Americans' presence in North America,

IR Approved Author Vincent Panettiere: “I’m in competition with myself to tell a compelling story.”

The Chicago Police Department determines that the death of a racehorse and its trainer is a murder/suicide.  Detective Mike Hegan refuses to accept such a facile and lazy explanation. 

Advice from IR Approved Author Laura Preble: “Be prepared to work much, much harder AFTER you’re finished writing the book. And don’t quit your day job. Yet.”

"Anna Incognito" is a heady cocktail of mental illness, obsessive love, hitchhiking and redemption, all wrapped in a powder-blue Cadillac El Dorado. 

Wise Words from IR Approved Author Susan Kraus: “It is never too late to make a dream a reality. (But it is damn hard work.)”

“Insufficient Evidence” is about campus sexual assault in hook-up culture, told through the eyes and experiences of young women, a therapist, perpetrators, friends …  and a core cast of characters as this is the 3rd...