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Advice from IR Approved Author Trevor Williams: “Don’t stop [writing] until you’ve finished.”

Eternal Shadow received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title. Following find an interview with author Trevor Williams. What is the name of the book and when was it published? Eternal Shadow....

How to Use Keyword Research to Sell More Books

To get your book noticed by potential shoppers, you have to learn what kind of phrases customers search for on Amazon when they’re shopping. 

Advice from IR Approved Author Kelly Mendenhall: “Own that you are a writer.”

"Skin in the Game: The Stories My Tattoos Tell" is a book about survival, human connection, false steps, and ascension.

Best Reviewed Books of the Month

  BUDDIES By Kip Cassino Genre: Mystery/Thriller IR Verdict: Well-written and taut, BUDDIES offers some complexity in the characters whose perspective force the readers to contend with war, psychic wounds, isolation and barbarity. Read the full...

Advice from IR Approved Author Charles Peterson: “Build your platform [your audience] as best you can before you try to self-publish.”

Today is Snake's creation day at the Creation Station and God has a meeting planned to discuss the way ahead.

IR Approved Author Jack Polo: “The only failed writer is one who stopped writing.”

Private detectives Matt Singer and Jamal Wade’s plan to sell real estate as a side business explodes into murder when their client is brutally slain in a house they’ve listed for sale.

Facing Common Author Challenges with a Positive Outlook

Oftentimes, authors focus on the work behind publishing and promoting your book. But what can be equally challenging is handling the emotions and anxiety that can creep into your mind once your book is finally...

Advice for IR Approved Author Kari Bovee: “Make sure your book is the best it can be, and then find a really great editor.”

When Ziegfeld Follies brightest star dies mysteriously, her costume designer sister steps from behind the curtain of her introversion and shyness into the bright lights of Broadway fame to find the truth— only to learn...

Advice from IR Approved Author Charles Colman: “Approach your writing process with professionalism.”

The book is a memoir set in Uganda in the 1950s. I wrote it to provide middle-grade readers (and older!) with a glimpse into my early childhood, growing up in another time in a far-off...

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