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IR Approved Author Bill VanPatten Tells All About His Book

A thirty-year-old lacking in self-confidence and believing himself unlovable learns what it means to "lean into life." 

IR Approved Author Elizabeth R. Jensen Tells All About Her Book

The three young Wolfensberger brothers are continuing their journey to become knights. As they find themselves on separate paths, they must hone their unique skills, sword mastery, archery, and magic.

IR Approved Author A.I.Fabler: “Self-publishing allows the writer to get on with it, without waiting in hope.”

A beautiful young singer-songwriter ends up dead on a Madison Avenue sidewalk, a gun in her hand — just another New York mugging, except she was the mugger.

IR Approved Author Ross Hightower: “I write because I love my stories.”

Cursed with extraordinary powers, Minna is branded a witch and resigns herself to a lonely life. But titanic forces are at play in the Empire, forces with Minna's fate in mind, and in her early...

Advice from IR Approved Author Shaun Barrowes: “Don’t write for them, write for yourself.”

A privileged teen from a "gated" planet is kidnapped by rebels and forced to slum it on a flooded Earth, where her only chance at escape is turning a lowly group of athletes into world...

Advice from IR Approved Author Davide Simon Mazzoli: “Don’t stop reading, don’t stop writing and never stop believing.”

The first year of high school can be difficult, but for Leonardo, red hair like fire and a face full of freckles, it is much more than difficult; it’s a real nightmare.

IR Approved Author Courtney Lochner: “Being an indie author means you’re doing your own marketing, but the reality is, you’d be doing the same with a big publisher.”

Designed to offer a simulated experience of studying abroad, the French House at the University of Wisconsin instead repeatedly falls victim to tragedy.

9 Creative and Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas for Indie Authors

Indie authors often have limited budgets for promoting their books. However, there are many cost-effective and creative ways for authors to market their books and reach new readers. 

Advice from IR Approved Author Will Bowron: “Get out of your own way.”

In a city where masked vigilantes enacting their own form of justice is common and accepted, a reporter pursues the man who started the vigilante movement.