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IR Approved Author Tom Galvin: “I’m not going to let the fact I’m an Indie author get in the way of competing with traditionally published books.”

"The Auction" tells the story of a new economic system set thirty years in the future that saves America from ruin by creating a market for the future of young people, who are bought and...

Advice from IR Approved Author Andrew Palmer: “ABC. Always Be Creating.”

A VR-game designer builds a dream simulator to control his recurring nightmares, but when the operating system malfunctions he must confront his haunted past in order to regain control.

Advice from IR Approved Author Lisa Dianne McInnes: “Don’t back down just because you might fail…make the choice, take action, it’s so worth it.”

In her debut novel, Lisa Mcinnes urges us to explore the meaning of loss, the evil side of human nature, and the infinite power of rising above it all.

Advice from IR Approved Author Edward Dickey: “Don’t be in too big a hurry to publish. When you think the book is finished, set it aside…then go back and see what improvements you can make, and then set it aside again.”

Written for the general reader in twenty short chapters, Shakespeare Meets the Buddha brings a unique perspective to the works of Shakespeare and the teachings of the Buddha.

IR Approved Author Frank Forencich: “Focus on the journey over the destination”

This book is about focus. It’s about responding appropriately, to the right tigers, in the right proportion, at the right time.

8 Ways You Can Promote Your Book for Free (or Almost Free)

Do you write because it’s your hobby? If yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about marketing. However, if you are writing to sell, you need to publish your book so...

Advice from IR Approved Author Tobias Maxwell: “Never, ever find yourself without a piece of paper and a writing tool.”

Everyone has read about the journey of famous actors. But what about the thousands of actors who struggle to survive the dog-eat-dog actor’s life in New York City and never reach fame and fortune?

Advice from IR Approved Author Pier Pagano: “Believe in yourself and don’t let anybody tell you who you are.”

If you want to be loved, you must first accept and love every part of you.

IR Approved Author Demetrios (Jim) Angelis: “We all have at least one story to tell. Don’t be afraid of writing it and sharing it with the world.”

The book is about a man who gets wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for the supposed murder of his unfaithful wife in front of their young children one month before going to court to start their...