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What To Write About on Your Author Blog (With Blog Topics Inside)

“But I spend all day writing books and newsletters, do I really need to write a blog too?”  I’m sure you’ve had this thought more than once in your author career. With all the things you...

IRDA Winning Author Claire Chao: “We want to leave our readers with a strong sense of forgiveness, redemption and optimism.”

Remembering Shanghai: A Memoir of Socialites, Scholars and Scoundrels follows five generations of my family over two centuries, from my great-great-grandfather down to me.

IRDA Winning Author G.K. Brady on the best part of being indie: “…the ability to write the stories I want and know they’ll be published.”

Beckett's a pro hockey player whose bad boy ways cause him to lose everything. In his struggle for redemption, he falls for the only woman who wants nothing to do with him.

IRDA Winning Author C. R. Stewart: “There is no downside [to being an indie author]”..

Britfield & the Lost Crown is an award-winning, fast-paced middle school adventure novel that transports the reader from the smoldering crags of Yorkshire, through the heart of England, and finally to the magnificent shores of...

Best Reviewed Books of the Month – July

The dog days of summer are upon us and we're still trying to figure out how to #wearadamnmask and not get a funky tan line. But we've at least made the reading part easy with...

IRDA Winning Author Aaron Wright: “I believe the core of this story is universal to the human experience.”

Daisy Has Autism was the SECOND PLACE winner in the non-fiction category of the 2020 IndieReader Discovery Awards, where undiscovered talent meets people with the power to make a difference. Following find an interview with...

IRDA Winning Author Augustine Sheriff: “I am motivated by making a difference in people’s lives.”

From navigating the often-corrupt Liberian political and educational system to extracting himself from his oppressor’s polygamist network at the tender age of twelve, Augustine’s journey into adulthood was far from typical. When the country’s first...

IRDA Winning Author SL Beaumont: “The best part of being an indie is having full creative and business control.”

A post-Brexit referendum terrorist bombing and an unexplained death leads London banker Jessica McDonald to uncover secrets and lies that will upend her life—and put her in grave danger.

IRDA Winning Author WG Hladky: “The best part of being an indie is the freedom to experiment with writing styles and plot lines.”

After solar storms plunged the world into a Second Dark Age, descendants of American soldiers trapped in Germania defend the last NATO outpost. Mysterious people called the Vucari emerge from the Asiatic Steppes. NATO sends...