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Mike Schill

“The #1 thing for me was that I got a clear, simple plan from someone who’s done it before. After I was featured in the media, I got so much more interest from people online.”

Ted Neill

Author of City On A Hill
“Thanks Amy. You are a superstar. I’ve ordered 10 reviews for three books. It’s a great service you all are providing. You are the best resource I’ve come across for indie publishers like myself. Thanks!”

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Esly Carvalho, Ph.D

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Katy Regnery

Author of UNLOVED

“Having UNLOVED on IRIS/Edelweiss DRC was a launch strategy for reviews and buzz. It’s now sold over 20K copies, has over 300 reviews on Amazon.“

Edelweiss DRC

Similar in function to NetGalley (at a much lower price), the Edelweiss DRC is a secure, controlled way for authors to get their books (in digital format) in front of 135,000+ bloggers, librarians, media, booksellers, and wholesalers, for the purpose of getting editorial reviews.