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Best Reviewed Books for June


IRDA Winning Author Mark L . Lloyd on the hardest part of being indie: “Working a full-time job while being a full-time writer.”

There are perils to being immortal, this is one such parable.

How to Realign Your Book Marketing Strategies for Better Book Discovery

There’s no time like the present to assess what you’re doing and how well it’s working. From there you can realign your marketing efforts and start selling more books.

IRDA Winning Author Hilary Grosskopf: “…creating is always possible and always fulfilling.”

Awake Ethics illustrates how ten ethical principles, when put into practice with individual and team exercises, enable you to make human-centered progress at work and build meaningful connections with others.

Advice from IRDA Winner Olivia Rana: “Perseverance is the key!”

Elastic Girl is loosely based on true events.  It is set in India and tells the story of a young girl called Muthu Tikaram, who is sold to the circus by her family. 

IRDA Winning Author Kimberly Faith: “I believe hope for humanity is trapped in the hearts of women.” 

The basic premise of the book is based on the question “Is the Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror?”

Why Street Teams, Super Fans, and Micro Influencers are Book Marketing Gold

IRDA Author Kitty Cook: “I learned everything I know about being an indie from Instagram.”

To combat the stress of her Millennial life, Vanessa Brown steals experimental sleeping pills from work—and accidentally starts a mind-meld love affair with her coworker in their shared dreams.

Advice from IRDA Winning Author Mike Mizrahi: “Keep writing, even when it feels like nobody is reading.”

A battle-weary Confederate private combs a Virginia battlefield and discovers a gold case containing the image of a little girl.

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