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IR Approved Author Cornelia Davis: “I like the idea of being an independent author.”

Have you ever wanted something intensely and you were willing to risk all to attain it? Have you ever been at a crossroads and needed to decide whether to stay in a dangerous situation or...

Advice from IR Approved Author S. Kensington: “Plow through those brick walls and remember what inspired you in the first place.”

"Just Another Girl on the Road" is a love story with WWII as the backdrop. It is about a young woman on a journey, both physical and internal.

6 Sure-Fire Gift Ideas for Your Writer Friends

If like us, you have friends who happen to be writers, then here are some suggestions that could end up saving you countless hours.

IR Approved Author Manny Garcia: “A Glossary of Life…reconnects humanity to ancient truths by retelling them in easy to understand, modern-day language.”

A Glossary of Life is a short book that reconnects humanity to ancient truths by retelling them in easy to understand, modern-day language.

IR Approved Author Kathie Giorgio: “The only books I wish to write are my own. I want to read everyone else’s.” “

On the morning of her 55th birthday, Audrey takes stock of her life and finds it lacking. While she’s done well, she’s missing something important – a mate.

Best Reviewed Books of the Month


IR Approved Author Samuel Miles Morley: “It’s not about me. It’s about the story.”

The story takes place in 1927 LA. The search for a mysterious manuscript, the disappearance of a supposed dead body, and a cast of odd characters plunge our protagonist into an investigation unlike any other...

Advice from IR Approved Author AK Faulkner: “You do you. Be yourself, write what you want, and make no apology for either.”

Two damaged men have to learn to control their supernatural powers if they’re to stand a chance of saving San Diego from the desperate machinations of a dying god.

IR Approved Author Andrew Wolfendon: “The best part [of being an indie] is that you have the freedom to color outside the genre lines.”

A fatal mistake on a drunken night in college comes back to haunt a troubled artist, threatening his friendships, his sanity, and his life.

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