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IR Approved Author Katherine Villyard Tells All About Her Book

Love Stories is a collection of seven previously published and five previously unpublished short stories centered on a theme of love.

Advice from IR Approved Author Caroline E Rayfield: “Promote the book before it’s even published. Hit the ground running.”

The Adventures of Milo Chow is a collection of 9 short stories following the life of Milo Chow and his family.

Advice from IR Approved Author Peter B. Dunfield: “Create a writing schedule for yourself, make that time and space sacred, and then dive in and create your stories.”

The book is about a girl named Avie, who time-travels by reading herself into the storyline of books.

IR Approved Author Benjamin Harnett Tells All About his Book

THE HAPPY VALLEY is about a young girl who discovers a defunct secret society in her hometown connected to her family, and then sets about reviving it.

IR Approved Author Joseph Howse: “The freedom to take risks is both the best and the hardest part of being independent.”

The book introduces a multilayered story of family, society, and nature, centring on a Soviet girl, Nadia, who, one day on a remote beach, looks up from her book to see that her friend is...

Advice from IR Approved Author Opëshum Patroz: “Connecting early with reading circles that consume the genre you write in is a wonderful investment in making important connections…”

"Beyond the Father" delves into life’s determination to transcend all limitation. Set on the planet Xżyber, citizens of the Sub-Median Region, imperfectly reborn into metal, oppress those who are organic.

Advice from IR Approved Author Tyler Beauchamp: “Embrace rejection.”

The story is about a young high-schooler, Will, who after experiencing a traumatic event leaves his old school to start his Junior year at a new high school.

Best Reviewed Books — December


Advice from IR Approved Author Susan Allen: “Don’t let your negative voice stop you from writing a book – it is not a stupid idea.”

"Count Me In" is the memoir of the trailblazer, Susan Allen – a global leader and once one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.