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Kayla Floyd Tells All About her IRDA Winning Book

Beautifully illustrated with calming nature scenes and a cast of diverse and sleepy little heroes soaring through space, The Bedtime Book walks your child through a guided body scan while inviting peace and relaxation from head to...

IRDA Winner J.S. Farmer Tells All About Her Book

"Blue Sky Gone" is the story of two very different sisters, both embarking on their professional lives, in the year 2001.

Multiple IRDA Winner Sue Stevens Tells All About “The Financial Bridge”

The Financial Bridge is a metaphor for how to leave a legacy for your survivors in a thoughtful, purpose-filled way. It’s really a double metaphor because it also describes the role of the financial life...

Meggan Larson Tells All About Her IRDA-Winning Book

The book is about a high school girl (Olivia Jackson) who has always felt incomplete. Adopted as a baby, she just can’t shake the feeling that something, or someone, is missing from her life.

Kordel Lentine Tells All About His IRDA-Winning Book

Let me introduce you to Terrance Brown, a bullied high schooler who one day has a bowling ball almost dropped on his head from high inside the atmosphere. This event is dubbed the “bowling ball...

IRDA-Winning Author Tony J Bell Tells All About His Book

Does parenting your child with ADHD sometimes stress you out? Do you want to avoid common pitfalls many parents make? Breakthroughs in Parenting Children with ADHD While Reducing Stress will help you learn how to...

Sandra Wolff Tells All About Her IRDA-Winning Book

“In post-apocalyptic Arizona, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the land steps forward to confront an evil, militaristic dictator.”

IRDA-Winning Author Kendra Ward Tells All About Her Book

Charged with introspective questions and journaling prompts, Throwing Thunder is an immersive journey into the heart of our confidence challenges, awakening the memory that unworthiness does not exist in the matrix of the living earth.

Debra Westgate-Silva Tells All About Her IRDA-Winning Book

Based on an ancient legend that for one hour on Christmas Eve, animals are given the gift of speech, Bethlehem Barn is a lighthearted, fun retelling of the traditional Christian Christmas story from the animals’...