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IR Approved Author Gregory Wunderlin: “I feel like being in that indie scene will let me experiment and mess up in the most glorious ways possible.”

What are all fantasy books about? Massive, sweeping themes, outrageous stakes, and a lot of fun.

Advice from IR Approved Author Rick Joi: “Build beta readers into your book-writing process!”

If your organization has employees, then it has work anniversaries—and odds are they’re not great. But done well, work anniversaries can be a phenomenal opportunity to strengthen your workplace culture and improve employee experience.

IR Approved Author H.L. Cherryholmes Tells All About His Book

At the rehab facility it was suggested that Meredith’s recovery may have stalled because she’s clinging to her past, so she decides to sneak off to try and find answers.

Advice from IR Approved Author Dr. Cecily Wang: “Keep writing.”

No Crying in the Operating Room delves into the intricate world of medical relief work.

Best Reviewed Books — December


2023 IRDA Winning Author Sabrina Simon Tells All About Her Book

Violet is about love. Love found, love unrequited, love alienated, love lost, and love potentially found again.

Advice from IR Approved Author Michael Glenn: “…work hard, pursue all opportunities.”

My book is a selection of nineteen stories, chosen from the close to one hundred I’ve written between 1958 and the present.

Advice from IR Approved Author Elisabeth Haggblade: “Don’t let the rejections fester.  Each day is a new start.”

A first-person account of the postwar years in Munich, Germany, with the war as an ever-present shadow leaving its physical and psychological marks.

IR Approved Author Claudio Chiste Tells All About His Book

This lively highly readable text is a stimulating contribution to skillful leadership and great guide for those either starting out on their role as leaders or those wanting to polish their skills.