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Advice from IR Approved Author Jo Sisk-Purvis: “Find the writing habit that works for YOU”

Watchers’ eyes track a miles-distant bird; Listeners’ ears hear a whisper a village away. Knowers, extinct for 500 years, possessed telepathic powers straight out of a nightmare.

Advice from IR Approved Author GHAD: “Leave a notepad by your bed because the best ideas come to you when you’re struggling with sleep.”

A thrill ride through Toronto’s underworld of crime — from a viewpoint not known to many.

IR Approved Author Djordje Bajic Tells All About his Book

A murder mystery set amongst the frozen winter streets of Belgrade. 

Advice from IR Approved Author Brieanna Wilkoff: “The more you put yourself out there, the more experience you’ll gain and the more connections you’ll make, both of which will open more doors in the future.”

Ultimately, it’s a story about healing, which occurs within the context of ’80s rock, theater, and random acts of kindness.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

8 Content Ideas to Drive Sales

IR Approved Author Madeleine MacRae Tells All About Her Book

This is a story of self-discovery that follows the journey of a misfit penguin who feels out of place in his Antarctic home.  

Advice from IR Approved Author KC Sanford: “Consider working with a writing coach…a good one can help you find and elevate your voice.”

K. C. Sanford’s STORKED! tells the emotional true story of a child born as Baby Girl, whose existence was erased by the closed adoption system.

Advice from IR Approved Author Kim Herdman Shapiro: “Network, network, network!”

TV producer Kate Zoë Thomas, fleeing an abduction in Afghanistan and heartbreak in Boston, accepts the first job that gives her a fresh start: station manager at a tiny community channel on Wynter Island in...

IR Approved Author M.S. Izbicki Tells All About the Book

“Dani Capello: Shadows of Men” is a unique twist on a classic mob story. Told from the point of view of a teenager whose family has ties to organized crime, the story explores normal teenage...