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This Little Book Went to Market

I’ve been publishing books for seventeen years and in that time, I’ve been contacted by over a thousand authors seeking a publisher for their first book.

IR Approved Author David Grosz Tells All About His Book

"Providence" is a story about friendship, art, and memory set in the contemporary New York of glamorous high-rises and glitzy art galleries, with detours to France, Italy, Slovakia, and the backwoods of the Catskill Mountains.

IR Approved Author Lena Gibson Tells All About Her Book

Underdog Elsa discovers maps to long-lost seed bunkers while scavenging the landfill. What she wants is to grow her own food. What she gets is a train-hopping soulmate, a meeting with the rebels, and a...

The Launch Pad

When I was a teenager in the late 70s, the only Toyotas I remember seeing were these tiny pickup trucks that looked flimsy and ready to break down any minute.

Advice from IR Approved Author Robert McBryde: “Develop a low-cost, gather-the-low-hanging-fruit marketing plan.”

"My Time with You Has Been Short but Very Funny" is a series of sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant autobiographical stories and vignettes spanning two continents and seven decades.

IR Approved Author Thomas DeConna Tells All About His Book

"Accustomed to the Dark" is an allegory, a social commentary wrapped inside a coming-of-age story.

Best Reviewed Books — January!


IR Approved Author Skyeris: “I chose self-publishing because it’s a better fit for my goals and my timeline, and I’ve been very happy with it.”

"Still Moving" is a memoir about my first three years of Long Covid. It's a raw, searing account of the psycho-spiritual experience.

Multiple IR Approved Author Karen E. Osborne on her Writing Process: “Characters speak to me. Demand I tell their stories.”

A powerful story about love, courage, sacrifice, resilience, and hope. Set in 1924 during the Harlem Renaissance, it chronicles the journey of an immigrant, mixed-raced woman from the Congo, to England, then Jamaica, and eventually...