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Advice from IR Approved Author James Walsh: “Get out there + write…don’t worry about taking classes + writing groups, do it for you and you alone.”

"Exile On Second Avenue" is about Michael Venier and the week leading up to his younger sisters wedding. This is also the week that he has planned to kill himself. 

Advice from IR Approved (+ NYTimes bestselling) Author Laxmi Hariharan: “The craft comes first. It’s important to put books out fast, but even more important to put GREAT books out fast.”

A searing start to the emotional, action-packed, Dragon Protectors Series by New York Times bestselling author Laxmi Hariharan, featuring a brave immortal warrior and the courageous dragon shifter he will wage war to protect.

IR Approved Author David Bernstein: “Do YOU…at the end of the day, it’s your story. Only you can tell it.”

When ten-year-old Peter arrives at the beach for his week-long vacation, he pretty much knows what to expect.

Advice from IR Approved Author Mary Davis: “Follow your heart. Believe in your truth. Be relentlessly on your own side.”

Every Day Spirit is a deep, rich offering of daily reflections, 
meditations, inspiring quotes, spiritual practices and prayers that fill your heart and feed your soul.

IR Approved Author Jamie Zerndt: “I love it when what you’re writing surprises you…”

Americans. They think everybody is snowflake. Only one snowflake. Only one you. But in Korea we think like snowball. Everybody snowball.

IR Approved Author Thomas Benz: “Life tends to be messy… To me, fiction affords the opportunity to concentrate the world into something more vivid, interesting and meaningful.”

Here is a world where misunderstanding among friends, lovers, neighbors, and spouses runs rampant.

IR Approved Author Caroline Fairless: “…indie writers and indie publishers seem less competitive and far more supportive than their traditional counterparts.”

I think of this book structurally as a triple helix, each strand of which is woven with the devastation wreaked on this planet.

Advice from IR Approved Author Darren Dash: “Do it for the love of writing. Don’t worry too much about the sales side of thing.”

A group of talentless actors stage an outdoor version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream every year on Midsummer's Day.

IR Approved Author S. Michael Scadron: “Any one of us might be surprised at our inner strength and willingness to persevere.”

Two Mountains unveils the story of my struggle to surmount a rare neurological affliction that rendered me quadriplegic just months after I had scaled Mount Kilimanjaro.