How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book? – Data from the Reedsy Marketplace

From Reedsy (5/25/16) – One of the questions we get asked most often at Reedsy is “What’s the cost of self-publishing my book? How much should I budget for editing and cover design?”

While the folks at Reedsy admit that their “objective was not to be representative of the self-publishing business as a whole, but of the cost of working with top professionals, the likes of Neil Gaiman’s editor, Stephen King’s designer, etc. who are the top talents available on Reedsy.” it remains a great resource–complete with nifty graphic below.

You can find it all here.


The Indie Authors Business Guide

By Alex Palmer in Publishers Weekly (5/22/16) – With the recent end of tax season, many self-published authors have likely done some thinking about whether they could be saving more money or better protecting themselves from IRS scrutiny. They may have heard from their accountant or other authors that they can do just that by formalizing their publishing work under a business entity.

In fact, becoming a limited liability company (LLC) or Subchapter S corporation (S corp) can provide distinct tax benefits, but can carry added costs and potential inconvenience. But by considering a few key points, an indie author can figure out the right option.

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Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Amazon Author Page

By Shonell Bacon in The Blood Red Pencil (4/29/16) – So, you have a book or multiple books on Amazon, eh? Great! You’ve probably taken time to head over to the Author Central page on Amazon to give readers some information about yourself.

Every home should be a space people feel comfortable in, want to return to. Your Amazon Author page is no exception. Spring clean your space and invite your readers to the goodies you leave for them!

The List Where Indies Count

If you’re a regular IndieReader, then you’re familiar with our bestseller list, compiled on Sunday for Monday’s post, culled from The New York Times, USA Today and Amazon. Looking for something to great to read this weekend? Look no further than this week’s list.