4 Great Reasons to Enter the 2016 IR Discovery Awards

With so many literary awards out there, what makes the IRDA different?

This year marks the 5th Annual IndieReader Discovery Awards (IRDAs).

The IRDAs puts your book into the hands of some of the most powerful people in publishing. With the rush by traditional publishers to sign them and their regular appearances on the top bestseller lists, there’s no longer much doubt that indie authors can be both commercially and creatively successful. All that was left to do was create a credible vehicle by which to find them. That’s where the IRDAs come in.

But with so many award opportunities out there, why the IRDAs?

1. The IRDAs aim to connect undiscovered talent with influential people

Our panel of judges is what makes the IRDAs so unique. The panel includes traditional publishers, PR professionals, bloggers and book reviewers.  Meet the 2016 Judges ›

2.There’s a category for every book 

Our main categories are fiction and non-fiction with over four dozen additional sub-categories.

3. Test Your Work Against the Best

The IR Discovery Awards gives you the opportunity to have your book judged in relation to work done by your peers.

4. Time is Running Out!

The deadline for this year’s IRDAs is March 2, 2016 — don’t miss out!

Enter Your Book Now

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