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Hiring A Book Marketing Company? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You’ve considered hiring a book marketing company to help…
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Effective Ways You Can Boost Your Holiday Book Sales…Starting Right Now!

Before you know it, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here and you don’t want to miss out on this beneficial opportunity to elevate your holiday book sales.
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5 Tips for Using YouTube Marketing to Sell Books

The next wave in book marketing has arrived. Video is repeatedly seeing higher engagement than static marketing, so if you want to sell more books you’ll have to get on board with a YouTube marketing plan.
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Why Book Bundling Is A Creative Way to Revive Interest in Older Books

We’ve talked a lot about books that you’ve decided to re-release, book updates, and getting your rights back from a publisher, but we’ve yet to discuss the book bundle.
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7 Self-Publishing Marketing Strategies (That DO Work In 2018)

If there’s one thing constant in book marketing, it’s change. In fact, with more than 4,500 books published on a daily basis, it’s more true with each passing day. And if that scares you, well, it should.
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5 Ways to Build Your Local Market

How Marketing Locally Can Sell More Books
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5 Ways Your Book Must Stack Up to Bestsellers

The only thing that’s certain in book marketing is surprises. In fact, I’ve spent more than 18 years in the book marketing business as an indie author, and I am surprised all the time.
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What You Need to Know about Book Marketing and Social Media!

Working smarter, not harder, applies to most things. And social media should be at the top of your list of strategies to streamline.
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How (and Why) to Revise Your Book

If you have an older book that just isn’t selling the way it used to, you’re not alone. And maybe your older book could have been better to start with.  But, once your book has been out for a while, you may be wondering if it’s time to move on or keep moving forward with your book marketing plan.  
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14 Strategies for Indie Author Success

Success as an author doesn’t come from writing alone. And while…
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How to Manage Your Web Presence as an Indie Author

When you think of top brands, you probably think of companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s, right? You see them everywhere, and you can plan on a similar experience at every building with golden arches or a green siren.
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18 Top Book Marketing Strategies to Put Into Practice in 2018

As indie authors we all want to sell books. To do this, we need to get better at book marketing. But with the individual strategies changing regularly, how can authors keep up with that?
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How to Price Your Book on Amazon (or Anywhere)

You’ve finally done it: you’ve finished that book you’ve…
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How to Write a Killer Amazon Bio and Sell More Books

As authors, we often don’t spend enough time crafting our bios. Most of us write up a quick “about me” and never give it a second thought. There’s a problem with this tactic: it’s the wrong way to drive sales on Amazon and other sites.
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11 Pitfalls Every Indie Author Must Avoid!

If, as an indie author, you feel like you’re learning how to…
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9 Things to Consider Before Giving Up on Your Book

Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts,…