Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Self-Pubbed a New Election Book

Missy President, a children's book about a fourth-grade girl whose homework assignment about the 2016 presidential election goes viral.

Once Taboo, Gay Characters Are Taking Over YA Fiction

NaNoWriMo news, Scribd Adds Magazines + News to Subscription Service, Why Most Amazon Reader Reviews are Worthless + more in this week's round-up.

How to Succeed in the Book Business the Trump Way

Mobile phones + unused storytelling potential, Audiobooks as art form, New Lit Prize for Nonexistent Book + more in this week's round-up.

"Hollywood Dirt": The Movie

Following in the footsteps of other indies-turned- movies "Hollywood Dirt", the indie bestseller has been green-lit for film production
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Ted Neill on bearing witness to the violent conflicts that take place as a result of religious belief

Faith, religion, godliness - these things have caused more pain, suffering, and death than all the plagues of history combined

Hybrid Author Blake Crouch's "Dark Matter" Named a "Best Book of the Year"

After starting his career with a traditional publisher, Crouch moved to self-publishing in 2011 with his novel "Run."

Not Your Mother's YA

Completely unsuitable for teens. You should totally read it.

The death of the traditional book had been greatly exaggerated

Black-owned bookstores fight to survive + more in this week's round-up

Explore London with Charles Dickens + Sherlock Holmes Lit Maps

Placing Literature launches two new interactive lit maps allowing readers to visit the sites of famous scenes from the Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle canons.

Want Michael Kors' Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe?

God’s Love We Deliver, NYC's leading provider of meals to people who are too sick to cook for themselves, recently launched their first-ever (indie-pubbed) cookbook.

The Power and Limits of Curation

The 4 Hardest-to-Find Bookstores in the World, What do Americans lose if bookstores disappear?, We Need Diverse Books Launches Curated Books App + more in this week's round-up

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

If dogs run free, then why not we, Across the swooping plain?

Indie Book Share Shrinks

Two and a half years. Ten quarterly Author Earnings reports. With each one of them, we learned something about our rapidly changing industry. But this October surprise flat-out blindsided us…

J.K. Rowling Continues Her Self-Pubbing Spree

New Pottermore Essay Explores Magical Congress of USA

Seth Godin: Traditional Publishers "don’t have the imagination to take risks"

ISBNs purchased by indie authors increased 21% in 2015 vs 2014, Amazon announces October is #PoweredByIndie, Why Is Self-Publishing Still a “Last Resort?” + more in this week's round-up

Comixology Debuts Line of Exclusive Original Comics

Amazon's Comixology Originals will offer comics titles exclusively through the Comixology and Kindle platforms.

Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Authors 2016 (2 of them self-pubbed!)

How one Amazon Kindle scam made millions of dollars, Shelfie Announces Launch of Ebook Deal Finder, CNN Politics to (Self) Pub Election Book in December + more in this week's round-up

"...the freedom to self publish is one of the greatest acts we may undertake for it ensures authorship will not be compromised for any reason."

(Very!) Early Self-Pubbed SciFi Book, Does Amazon Really Put Customers First?, JK Rowling Self-Pubbed Patronus Test Keeps ‘Harry Potter’ Marketing Alive + more in this week's round-up

New "50 Shades Darker" Trailer (you know you want to watch)

Book Readers Live Longer, Kickstarter kicks traditional publishing's ass, Americans Still Love Libraries (Especially the Books), Amazon dominates 9what else is new) + more in this week's round-up

Publishers are no longer in the book trade; they are in the what-the-hell-can-we-do-to-make-a-buck trade

We are Reading Less Lit, A Closer Look at the "Return to Print" story, New "Books Desk" at the NYTimes (which like the old one, will not probably not review indies) + more in this week's roundup

Three Authors Celebrate the National Parks System's 100th Anniversary

If you can't get to a park, do the next best thing and pick up one of these books!

Dear Indie Authors: How To Hit The USA Today Bestseller List

Wattpad Unveils Ad-Generated Revenue Program, Kickstarter Marks a Milestone, 6 Ways to Vet a Freelance Editor + more in this week's round-up