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By Iván Figueroa-Otero

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Author Iván Figueroa-Otero meditatively galvanizes readers in his spellbinding self-help book SPIRITUALITY 103 THE FORGIVENESS CODE FINDING THE LIGHT IN OUR SHADOWS conceptualizing in great detail and imagination humanity’s quest for wellness down to a science.
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The philosophically written pièce de résistance of a trilogy told through the eyes of a worldly doctor with a hope to promote a life of peace among people and enliven the human spirit.

Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” but is the proposition as simple as it sounds? Author Iván Figueroa-Otera may be able to help. In the final book of his Spirituality trilogy, Figueroa-Otera educates the reader about how the vitality of mind, body and spirit can have on the human race, challenging readers to change how they see themselves and the universe.

All those who wander are not lost.

Through Dr. Iván Figueroa-Otera’s eyes, you’re just in a dusky battlefield with your shadows, far away from your light source. Your reflection is obscured by past hurts that you constantly carry, which constitute the smudges that cloud the brilliance in what Figueroa-Otera calls your “Magical Mirror,” which hinder you from seeing your true self.

If you’ve ever been lost, you’re familiar with the feeling: living a life consumed by negativity where your only friends are doom and gloom. But in truth, everyone at one time or another goes through this delusion of nothingness. So wherever you are in life – whether you’re in a downward spiral of depression or relatively successful but still harbor ill feelings towards someone who hurt you and wish to become a better person, put your weapons down and refocus your minds to a cause bigger and better than your problems. School is in session.

In SPIRITUALITY 103 THE FORGIVENESS CODE FINDING THE LIGHT IN OUR SHADOWS, the last  book in a trilogy, Dr. Figueroa-Otera schools readers about discerning one’s true existence and the vitality of purification of mind, body and spirit. He explores the detrimental effects a toxic lifestyle fueled by a negative mindset can have on one’s survival down to a science, and DNA’s role in perpetuating that cycle in future generations. As Buddha once said, “What you think you become.”

The book is told in a therapeutic manner meant to placate the reader and help the so-called “Warrior of Shadows” back to their light source. The book not only serves to educate about the importance of wisdom as a shield in our internal and external battles, but to recognize that despite your trials and tribulations, you can be a Warrior of Light in this school of life Dr. Figueroa-Otera calls the universe. Readers also repeatedly asked throughout the book to recite a “Warrior of Light” oath to reinforce their commitment to love, spreading hope to their brethren and forgiveness.

This workbook of how to achieve a wholesomely good and harmonious life has contemplative homework assignments after each thought-provoking and enlightening chapter to help you see yourself as you truly are in God’s image, while offering holistic approaches to problems in the form of diet, mindful meditation and lifestyle choices – all things attainable if willing to be still and choosing the light.

~Lianna Albrizio for IndieReader

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