Indie Books and Their Critics

So what does this mean for the independent writer? It means that they can write a masterpiece, publish it themselves and that the few critics who might have critical tools powerful enough to analyze it, will likely be too busy reviewing the latest prepackaged, well-groomed novel whispered-down-the-alley from MFA to agent to editor to mainstream publisher, to read it.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Saying that writers can flourish without maybe a thousand or more words a day of written introspection, intellectual dialogue, and emotional bloodletting is almost like saying that we should expect Brazil to continue to produce great soccer players if children were banned from playing in the street.

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Food for Thought

As writers and readers, we would benefit from being closer to our communities, creating markets for writers who disdain traditional outlets, and from allowing genuine face-to-face relationships to form between writers and readers.

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