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IRDA Winning Author Thom Kudla: “…you should be very proud of being an indie author. It takes a lot of courage, perseverance, and persistence…”

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT (HWAD) is an app based on my award-winning book HOW I AM DIFFERENT. For that book, I wrote something new every day for a year and then the following year I...

Advice from IRDA Winning Author Michael Warner: “Fame and fortune are slow to arrive, so you’d better enjoy it or it’ll be a long ride.”  

This rediscovered collection of Lyle Saxon’s writings includes thirty-nine of his earliest New Orleans short stories and character sketches, and brings to light for the first time in nearly a century some of the author’s...

IRDA Winning Author Brad Graber: “Being an Indie author requires that we do more than just write a great novel.”

Rikki, a teenager being raised by her grandmother, has a secret. She can’t remember her mother. When she tries to talk to her grandmother, the older woman refuses to engage. Frustrated, Rikki finds a family...

Advice from IRDA Winning Author Tanya Lee: “…take advantage of the wealth of information available.”

Global warming has divided the continent. Samarra, a soldier from the barren South, has fled to a northern city where the only things growing faster than the city’s piles of garbage are extremist cults and violent...

Advice from IRDA Winning Author Chris Yee: “Be your own fan. Write the kind of story that you would enjoy.”

Metal Chest is a tense post-apocalyptic adventure that follows Silas, a timid robot, as he navigates a war-ravaged world in search for a new home.

IRDA Winning Author Christine Marie Frey: “I never actually decided to become an author. I truly view my writing as an outlet and a coping skill.”

Christine Frey describes her struggle with early onset psychosis in BRAIN XP.

IRDA Winning Author Kimberly Faith: “I believe hope for humanity is trapped in the hearts of women.” 

The basic premise of the book is based on the question “Is the Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror?”

IRDA Author Kitty Cook: “I learned everything I know about being an indie from Instagram.”

To combat the stress of her Millennial life, Vanessa Brown steals experimental sleeping pills from work—and accidentally starts a mind-meld love affair with her coworker in their shared dreams.

Advice from IRDA Winning Author Mike Mizrahi: “Keep writing, even when it feels like nobody is reading.”

A battle-weary Confederate private combs a Virginia battlefield and discovers a gold case containing the image of a little girl.

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