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A young woman meets a sexy billionaire in CAMP JAMESON

By Wendy Lea Thomas

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CAMP JAMESON is a sexy, witty romance novel that takes the usual “shy girl meets hot billionaire” trope and turns in on its head.
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Arabella “Aria” Mason recently got her heart broken by a man named Nate Gregor, with whom she had a one-night stand. Her best friend, Sara Cox, convinces her to sign up for a six-week camp, and Aria is absolutely stunned when she realizes it is a sex camp. Despite her shyness, Aria learns to be more confident with her body and her sexuality. Along the way, she falls in love with Avery Jameson, the handsome billionaire owner of Camp Jameson, and she fights to win his heart.

Thomas absolutely excels at humor, especially in regards to the friendship between Aria and Sara. Their quips and mischievous acts over the course of the novel are hilarious, and help set CAMP JAMESON apart from other romance novels. It’s also wonderful to see such a strong bond between two female friends—Thomas makes it clear that they trust each other one hundred percent, and Sara is such a supportive person that she is able to help teach Aria to become more confident. In a world where women are often pitted against one another, Thomas crafts a strong friendship between two women where they celebrate their bond and lift one another up.

The author’s keen eye for descriptions also helps to bring Aria and her world to life; Thomas allows readers to feel as if they are seeing the camp through her eyes. Over the course of the novel, you will be unable to help but fall in love with Avery and grin at Sara’s well-timed quips. Thanks to Thomas’ superb writing, the characters do not feel fictional—they feel like they are your best friends. The best part about CAMP JAMESON is that Aria actually has a spine and doesn’t weep or whine about her love life. She may start off as a wallflower, but she quickly blossoms into a fiery young woman, unafraid to speak her mind and fight for the man she loves. Readers looking for a funny, plucky heroine with a backbone of iron will find themselves cheering Aria on, especially when she butts heads with her love interest, Avery.

CAMP JAMESON is a sexy, witty romance novel that takes the usual “shy girl meets hot billionaire” trope and turns in on its head. The end result is a fantastic read that keeps you laughing until the very last page.

~Written by Amanda Ferris for IndieReader

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