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By Dr. Romy Block & Dr. Arielle Levitan

Dr. Romy Block and Dr. Arielle Levitan are the co-founders of Vous Vitamin, LLC, a company organized to provide people with personally-tailored vitamin products to benefit a variety of conditions, from hair loss to infertility, and also to promote general health. In this book, they give advice both on what vitamins, in what dosages, may be beneficial with respect to certain conditions, and on what other practices, like nutrition, proper screening, and exercise, may also help. They address specific issues like weight loss, metabolism, bone health, prenatal care and others, and talk about vitamins’ potential to benefit these conditions, as well as the potential for harm if, for example, particular vitamins are taken in excessive dosage.

THE VITAMIN SOLUTION is written in clear, jargon-free language, with citations provided for further reading and to provide supporting evidence for the authors’ statements. The authors are medical professionals and speak with the authority of professional knowledge and experience. Their advice is sensibly presented without the promise of miracles, and with careful warnings about the damage possible from overdose and from using vitamins as a cure-all without taking other medical steps as well.

The book’s chapters each address a different health issue, for optimal ease of use according to particular concerns, and it covers a wide range of medical problems and potential sufferers. The index discusses individual vitamins, providing a quick-reference for how each is used by the body, where to find it, what dosages are appropriate, and what problems arise from deficiency or taking too much.  However, the book at times reads like an advertisement for the authors’ business, as Vous Vitamin is regularly touted throughout as a source for trustworthy, properly-formulated supplements.

THE VITAMIN SOLUTION is a worthwhile resource for information on vitamin supplements, their usages, and recommended dosages, but the authors’ personal interests should be taken into account.

~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader