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By Chris Lippincott

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Lively information about spirit guides, opening up to one's spiritual abilities, and the fact that the realm of spirit is much closer than perhaps many people realize abounds in Chris Lippincott's instructive SPIRITS BESIDE US.

SPIRITS BESIDE US by Chris Lippincott is a half-mystical, half-practical primer into the world of how modern-day mediums talk with the dead.

Throughout history people have contemplated the possibility of life after death, with individuals of many cultures hoping to reconnect with loved ones that have passed on, and traditional shaman claiming an ability to communicate with the dearly departed. In contemporary times, this ability seems to no longer be limited to indigenous elders. According to SPIRITS BESIDE US, even regular, middle-aged guys who live in the suburbs like author Chris Lippincott can converse with spirits. This non-fiction book–based on Lippincott’s journey towards becoming a medium–begins when he is seven years old and hears something potentially scary in his bedroom at night. The story then travels through the transformative decades as author becomes comfortable summoning spirits of the dead to “overshadow” him, so that they can reconnect with those they love who are still in bodily form.

Written in a conversational, inspirational, reader-friendly yet edifying style, chapter titles range from Death Is Not Goodbye and The Differences Between Spirit Guides And Angels to How To Get The Best From A Mediumship Reading, with the text providing plenty of substance about each topic. And there is apparently quite a bit to know about what spirit is and how to work with it. First of all, there is the distinction between mediums and psychics, with the latter being those who are spiritually gifted with an ability to receive information from terrestrial beings that are presently here on earth. Mediums, on the other hand, connect with discarnate life forms and use a certain amount of internal power to fuel the linkup. In terms of mediumship, there are various types from mental to physical, with these two overarching categories spanning such aspects and activities as evidential, trance, spirit art, automatic writing, materialization, auditory, transfiguration, levitation, telekinesis, etc.

Through personal stories and sample sessions, Lippincott responds to issues that humanity has long been curious about, including: What Happens Once A Body Dies? Do Relationships Continue When A Loved One Is Suddenly Gone? How Can People Separated By Death Achieve Closure? And at least in the ways the author connects with the deceased, disembodied voices are now no longer scary, as messages received from the departed seem to uniformly be based upon connections of love in what turns out to be everlasting bonds that are guided by the Divine Source Energy that loves and cares for us all.

Lively information about spirit guides, opening up to one’s spiritual abilities, and the fact that the realm of spirit is much closer than perhaps many people realize abounds in Chris Lippincott’s instructive SPIRITS BESIDE US.

~C.S. Holmes for IndieReader