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By Barun Gorain

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Author Barun Gorain blends popular theories and current research to discuss--in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner--overcoming the unhealthy lifestyle that accompanies many of today’s technological advancements.
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SEVEN ESSENTIALS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE provides basic information about holistic health to guide readers to a healthier lifestyle.

As readers might expect from the title, this book devotes seven chapters to outlining seven essential qualities to healthy living: Air, Water, Cosmic Energy, Food, Activity, Elimination, and Vibrant Living. An informative introduction gives an overview of what to expect in each chapter and provides a breakdown of four levels of attributes for readers to gauge their current lifestyle practices.

The seven chapters cite science, medicine, and metaphysics to make the case for each essential element. In Chapter 2, “Optimum hydration” for example, the author discusses the need for hydration, how we can improve hydration, fresh spring water, water filtration systems, hydration and salt, water from food, how to avoid dehydration, water restructuring, and the consciousness to water.

Throughout this second chapter (and all the others), boxes contain highlighted information titled “Time for action” and “Questions to ask.” The second chapter offers websites for further information, and references writings and studies from Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, Dr. Victor Schauberger, Dr. G. Cousens, and the often-cited water consciousness studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Based primarily on well-documented research, the book occasionally presents generalized observations and theories as if they were facts. For instance, the author writes: “Astrology is now considered an established science,” although this statement is not universally accepted as fact. Astrology is often considered more of a belief system by academics, scientists, and lay people, rather than an established science. Likewise, there’s also advice on “Earthing or grounding” for everyone (except people on blood thinners) to “make an effort every day to walk barefoot on Mother Earth outdoors for at least 30 minutes.” Many podiatrists, however, say that walking outside with bare feet exposes risk of infections, bacteria, and injuries, especially those who have pre-existing foot problems such as flat feet, heel spurs, neuromas, etc., and those who have weakened immune systems.

A final eighth chapter, “The 7i lifestyle,” brings all the elements together with a 7i Scorecard for readers to rate themselves, which is followed by seven case studies and their scorecards. A “Conclusion” and “References” follow the last chapter. The writing is clearly expressed and logically organized within each chapter. This book could serve as an important wake-up call for those people maintaining level 3 and 4 lifestyles that have drifted away from the seven essentials.

Author Barun Gorain blends popular theories and current research to discuss–in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner–overcoming the unhealthy lifestyle that accompanies many of today’s technological advancements.

~Carol Michaels for IndieReader.


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