Kathryn R. Biel

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By Kathryn R. Biel

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MADE FOR ME is like your favorite binge-worthy television series—a fun reality show romp bursting with drama, romance, and high fashion.
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Fresh out of options, a young woman auditions for a reality show to jump-start her career as a fashion designer.

Approaching thirty, Michele’s life isn’t exactly panning out the way she expected it to. When she abruptly finds herself jobless and unable to afford her apartment—let alone a heaping pile of credit card debt—Michele has few options left. Even her parents’ generosity is soon to run out as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. So when a new opportunity presents itself, Michele steps out of her comfort zone and auditions for a reality show called Made for Me. Pushed into a fast-paced world surrounded by designers of all styles and experiences, she struggles to fit in. But Michele is in it for more than the flashy cash prize and the chance to design for a royal wedding—she wants to discover her focus and her future.

In the ongoing age of excitement concerning royal weddings, MADE FOR ME seems tailor-made for those still dreaming of a wardrobe fit for a princess. A light, breezy read, Michele’s first person narration is laced with enough humor and heart to strike a relevant chord. Her struggles endear her easily; her story is a familiar one—a young woman with plenty of talent but without the formal worldly experience and education that everyone around her seems to share.

Though the plot does lapse into predictability, that trope-filled goodness is what makes MADE FOR ME such a fun read. The narrative isn’t overly complicated, but it has enough artsy background characters to keep things interesting. Michele’s meddling, boisterous Italian family is vividly rendered, and her homesickness apparent as she steps out on her own path for the first time. Her growth as a character ties well into the main storyline, even if her internal distractions make the pace feel somewhat jumbled.

The reality show comes off as a bit repetitive and things progress quicker than they probably should, but overall the execution is everything you would expect from a genuine design show. High-stakes eliminations, grueling work hours, and design challenges abound—with several strategically-placed dramatic pauses, of course. Some may find Michele’s descriptions of the design process tedious, but for fashion and sewing aficionados, these details add a wonderful element to the novel. Michele’s signature style is unique, and the richness of her fabrics and colors will give readers some serious fashion envy.

MADE FOR ME is like your favorite binge-worthy television series—a fun reality show romp bursting with drama, romance, and high fashion.

~Jessica Thomas for IndieReader