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By Jacquelyn Middleton

Indie Reader Discovery Award

Alex Sinclair is an American expat living in London. A talented playwright, the twenty-something is at a rocky point in her life and is facing challenges in her career and in love. Her boyfriend, Mark Keegan, has recently landed his big acting break, and his now-packed schedule puts a strain on their relationship. While she’s dealing with relationship problems, Alex also hits a rough patch in her writing. In the midst of all this uncertainty, Alex’s panic attacks worsen and she is forced to make some big decisions about her future.

While LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? is a sequel, readers who aren’t familiar with the first book, LONDON BELONGS TO ME, will have no trouble diving headfirst into Alex’s world. The novel stands on its own, although readers may very well find themselves reading the first installment after they finish LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? because they can’t get enough of Alex and Mark.

One of the novel’s many strengths is how it handles mental health. Alex’s anxiety is portrayed in a sensitive and nuanced manner. This normalization of mental health isn’t seen often enough in contemporary literature, making LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? a refreshing read that will prove educational to many. Another notable strength is that there is no shortage of strong, empowered female characters. While LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? is a love story, the focus is not entirely on the romance, but hones in on Alex’s personal and professional growth. Her self-reliance and fortitude are admirable qualities, and her journey will resonate with readers.

With a cast of well-rounded and vibrant characters, author Jacquelyn Middleton brings London to life. Readers will appreciate nods to various fandoms including Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? also pays tribute to the artistic spirit and the dedication creatives have to their craft. Alex and her friends are relentless in the pursuit of their dreams, making them an inspiring group.

Enthralling from the very first page, LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? brims with originality and is a delightfully engaging, modern romance that sparkles with wit and charm.

~Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon for IndieReader