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By Laxmi Hariharan

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With its charismatic lead couple and sensuous storytelling, INCEPTION is a sexy, well-written romantic adventure.
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Sparks fly between a powerful female dragon shifter and a seductive immortal warrior who must come together to save the world from a race of deadly psychic beings in INCEPTION.

Shattered by the loss of his twin brother, Aaron, an immortal Ascendant warrior, shuts out the world, burying himself in drink and vowing never to open his heart again. That all changes one fateful evening when Aaron encounters Hope, a sexy female dragon shifter whose sultry green eyes and badass fighting skills bring Aaron back to life in a blaze of sensuous heat. But taming Hope won’t be easy, as she is bound by the traditions of her clan to mate with one of her own kind. Still, that doesn’t stop the wild dragon inside from blazing with desire. Now, as a powerful race known as the Elysians threaten both their races, Aaron and Hope are forced to work together to confront a dangerous enemy as well as the flames of lust blazing between them.

Set in the same universe as her previous series Many Lives, INCEPTION is the first in a new paranormal romance series from author Laxmi Hariharan. Right out of the gate, it’s off to a steamy start. Hariharan wastes no time in getting the party started, as the sexual tension sizzles from the first few pages. She manages to keep it hot throughout the story, cleverly utilizing the heightened senses of her supernatural characters to titillate readers and make the sparks fly. Exotic settings such as Bombay and Mauritania add even more spice to the story, creating an atmosphere of mystery and sensuality that readers can not only see but also hear, taste, and smell.

Aaron and Hope are two enticingly complex characters, and their chemistry is obvious from the get-go. Brooding alpha male Aaron is still reeling from his brother’s death, which makes it hard for him to face up to his growing attraction to Hope. Hope, meanwhile, keeps pushing Aaron away for fear of the long-held belief that dragon shifters can only mate with others of their own kind, and to mate with Aaron would mean his death. But neither Ascendant nor dragon can stop the bond that was meant to be, and watching these two come to grips with this reality is emotionally satisfying and drop-dead sexy.

Characters from the Many Lives series cross over into INCEPTION, and the book’s ending comes with a sneak peek of the next Dragon Protectors installment. With a strong start in INCEPTION, this series will be a smoking-hot favorite for fans of paranormal romance.

~Heather McNamara for IndieReader

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