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An entertaining blend of history and fantasy in THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL

By David J. Castello

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From World War II Germany, to post-war New York, and then the Chinese Civil War, THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL (1945-1959) is an entertaining story that takes its readers through some of the most important moments of the 20st century.

THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL (1945-1959) is the story of Steven Ronson, a medic in the United States military during World War II who discovers a supply of immortality pills created for Adolph Hitler during the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. Having been scarred by the sight of so much death during the war, Ronson begins taking the pills soon before his journey home. Ronson soon discovers that the pills do much more than simply keep him alive, and they ultimately lead him on a journey to China to discover the story behind their origin.


Ronson’s story has a very strong hook that, combined with David J. Castello’s lively writing style, makes it easy to lose track of time while flipping through its pages. The story’s various revelations and plot twists ensure that the effect continues throughout as the novel—presumably the first in a series—lays out the first 15 or so years of Ronson’s life as an immortal.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


However, the tale’s brisk pace is occasionally maintained by plot developments that feel overly convenient. An early example is Ronson’s chance encounter with a former missionary named Albert, who approaches Ronson and tells him about the Chinese origins of the pills after hearing Ronson’s immortality-pill-influenced saxophone solos in a New York City jazz club. In other words, he bumps into someone who just so happens to have spent time proselytizing in the Chinese village near where the pills were originally developed in a bar halfway around the world from that aforementioned village. And while the scene may have been intended to hint at destiny playing a role in Ronson’s story, that potential aspect of the tale isn’t developed enough to make this particular interaction feel like much more than a plot convenience.


Ultimately though, while some of the plot developments and revelations can occasionally strain suspension of disbelief, the abundance of historical detail that Castello provides helps to keep the story grounded. From World War II Germany, to post-war New York, and then China during its civil war, THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL takes its readers through some of the most important historical events in the 20th century, making it a great choice for anyone who enjoys a blend of history and fantasy.


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