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Heartfelt Romance and Complex Characters Make SHELTER MY HEART A Worthwhile Read

By L.G. O'Connor

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SHELTER MY HEART's endearing characters are filled with human flaws, making the whirlwind romance a thrilling, heartwarming read.
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When SHELTER MY HEART's Jenny Lynch meets handsome billionaire Devon Soames, she's down on her luck, unsure of her future, and panicking about a family member in mortal trouble.

His kindness is the beginning of a passionate few weeks in which everything changes for both of them as they find love, acceptance, and happiness in the places where they least expect it.

Though SHELTER MY HEART is the second book in LG O’Connor’s Caught Up In Love series, there’s no need to have read the others to appreciate the way she deftly weaves together a story of passion, romance, and growth. Jenny Lynch is a everywoman heroine—her uncertainty about her life and choices makes her easy to identify with, and her genuine fears and anxieties make her flawed in a realistic way. In Devon Soames, she finds a man that complements her strong points and eases her anxieties, and she does the same for him.

Their relationship is not without drama, as they struggle to overcome past hang ups and be honest about what’s going on in their lives without hurting one another or revealing too much. That’s where much of SHELTER MY HEART’s conflict comes from—Devon is a man with secrets, a cancer survivor tasked with holding his family together through his own health concerns, and he doesn’t feel that he can always be honest with Jenny. Jenny, on the other hand, is self-conscious about the disparity between their lifestyles and how she fits in to such a high-class life.

As if the interpersonal drama wasn’t enough, there’s also a conspiracy afoot to oust Devon from his inheritance and throw his family into jeopardy. As Jenny and Devon navigate their newfound feelings for one another, they also have to contend with threats of poisoning, manipulation, and outright murder. Their struggle helps them form a lasting bond despite the odds against them.

Though SHELTER MY HEART does leave some of its more interesting elements under-explored, such as Devon’s preoccupation with his masculinity after having a testicle removed and Jenny’s feelings of inadequacy as a newcomer to Devon’s rich lifestyle. But despite some areas where the book could have shined brighter, it’s a well polished, wonderfully written love story driven by believable characters whose strengths and flaws add complexity to a fairy-tale romance.

~Melissa Brinks for IndieReader

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