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By Kari Bovee

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GRACE IN THE WINGS  is a page-turning 1920s mystery set against the smoky and sometimes seedy world of the famous Ziegfeld Follies. 
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GRACE IN THE WINGS takes readers back in time to the 1920s, following Grace Michelle, a Ziegfeld Follies costume designer as she is thrust into the spotlight following her sister’s mysterious death. 

Enter the world of Grace Michelle, a shy, pretty costume designer employed by the great Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., the empresario and creator of the world-famous Ziegfeld Follies, elaborate New York City Broadway shows that were produced from 1907 to 1931.  An orphan along with her older sister Sophia, Grace was taken in by Ziegfeld, or “Flo” at a young age and grew up at the Follies. Sophia became a star while Grace worked in the wings, or at least she did until her sister’s mysterious and untimely death.

GRACE IN THE WINGS transports readers into the glamorous and sordid world of 1920s New York theater. Ziegfeld is already a living legend in the story, which includes a slew of other iconic Broadway characters such as comedian Fanny Brice and Billie Burke (who will go on to play Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz).

Grace, who takes her sister’s place on stage, uses her new position as the Follies’ latest star to investigate the tragic passing, which includes a train ride across the country with Chet, a smoldering detective who happens to work for Flo. Grace’s journey of self-discovery coincides with her train ride from New York To Los Angeles, and while plenty of time is spent enjoying the story from Grace’s point of view, it is also seen from the perspective of Chet, serving to make Grace a real, complete character instead of the wide-eyed ingenue she is expected to play onstage and in the media. Grace’s choices as a capable adult woman satisfy while her burgeoning relationship with Chet provide an exciting side story. The murder mystery elements balance out the romantic instances perfectly to remove any romance novel-related concerns.

Not one page of this captivating tale bores, whether it’s the latest scandal hitting the Follies or a glance between Grace and Chet. GRACE IN THE WINGS is the perfect blend of noir mystery, romance, action, and historical fiction, with a few comedic moments thrown in.

GRACE IN THE WINGS  is a page-turning 1920s mystery set against the smoky and sometimes seedy world of the famous Ziegfeld Follies.

~Kent Page McGroarty for IndieReader


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