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By Joshua Viola + Warren Hammond

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DENVER MOON: THE MINDS OF MARS combines "Blade Runner" and the original "Total Recall" with a dash of old-school detective noir that is hard to put down and leaves the reader wanting more.
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Denver Moon is a first generation Mars-born detective. As a monochromatic, she’s immune to the red fever that seems to randomly affect the citizens of Mars City, driving people insane and turning them into bloodthirsty murderers.

While investigating yet another slaughter, Smith, the AI embedded into her gun and infused with the memories of her late grandfather, one of the founding members of the Mars colony and dead for almost twenty years, suddenly picks up a strange message. It’s a hologram from her grandfather saying that he’s alive and has been kept a prisoner all these years.

As Denver tries to uncover the truth, she delves deeper into a conspiracy that earns her the enmity of the Church of Mars, the most powerful organization on the planet. What she finds is the last thing she ever expected and Denver faces a decision that could change the future of the human race forever.

Androids, AI and humans mix seamlessly in a world that is richly imagined and feels incredibly real. From the seedy underbelly of Mars City to the dust-swept plains of the Red Planet to the electronically advanced offices of the terraforming project, Mars as a location seems as believable as any place on Earth.

Gritty protagonist Denver Moon immediately draws the reader in and makes them feel at home in this strange setting. She is a satisfying mixture of bad-ass and vulnerable that makes her instantly likeable, although her AI companion, Smith, and unexpected android ally, Nigel, do tend to steal the show a bit. Generally, the characters are all authentic with convincing motivations and back stories, leaving the reader with the urge to know more about their history.

A short story that reveals more of the background events mentioned in the main story is also included, which is a wonderful addition and lets the reader immerse themselves even more into Denver’s world.

DENVER MOON: THE MINDS OF MARS combines “Blade Runner” and the original “Total Recall” with a dash of old-school detective noir that is hard to put down and leaves the reader wanting more.

~ Suneé Jones for IndieReader


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