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Demons, death and the dark side in: WICKED PRAYERS

By S.D. Moore

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A small town is terrorized by a demon from hell in this action-packed, gory horror.

WICKED PRAYERS is a cautionary tale for any would-be occultists considering dabbling in the darker arts: some things are better left dead.

Harry Wilson, devastated by the death of his wife Sarah, swears to God he’ll trade his soul to be with his wife again. But God isn’t the one who answers his plea. Conscripted into the service of a demon from Hell, his pact sets into motion the birth of Hell on Earth.

Harry kidnaps 9 months pregnant Beth Holly. Beth dies, but not before her son Waed Holly is born from her dying body. The police force of Autumntown are more used to small-town crimes, and the locals are “into virtual world cosplay to escape real-world hell, not calling up real-world alchemy to prevent real people from getting killed,” to quote one humorous line; but the rag-tag team uses all they’ve got to give the hellhounds one epic fight.

Like popular zombie films, WICKED PRAYERS is extremely violent and almost entirely action. Characters introduced in the beginning of chapters—with backstory, friends, goals—are typically dead just a few pages later. The characters that do live through several chapters aren’t developed enough for a reader to care about deeply. The plot, while paced well to keep the pages turning, is fairly predictable for readers familiar with zombie-story tropes. But the focus of the book is on horror, gore, and action, and in these aims it succeeds spectacularly. The many dramatic, descriptive bloodbaths and epic battles are perfectly pitched. The detectives trade witty one-liners and banter as they band together against evil; and clever dialog assists in differentiating the numerous characters.

A small town is terrorized by a demon from hell in this action-packed, gory horror.


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