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By Nicole Taylor

Indie Reader Discovery Award

Nicole Taylor’s A JOYFUL PAUSE is split into fifty-two chapters, each of which focuses on one of the author’s methods for connecting to the “Divine spark”. Taylor’s viewpoints draw from a combination of “the practice of yoga in the Himalayan Tradition, the practice of Ayurveda, and the principles of Conscious Living”. Each chapter in A JOYFUL PAUSE begins with a quote, then describes the author’s experience with the exercise and concludes with a set of questions that allow the reader to reflect on what they have discovered.

Despite being a short, seemingly quick read, A JOYFUL PAUSE is a book that should be digested slowly. Taylor recommends dedicating a week to each chapter. She also encourages readers to start a journal, which can be used to help process new feelings that are awakened by the practices found in A JOYFUL PAUSE. At its core, A JOYFUL PAUSE is a book designed to help readers learn to habitually reflect on their physical and emotional feelings.

While some of the exercises in A JOYFUL PAUSE may seem straightforward (dancing to music, taking a hot bath, curling up in a comfy chair to read, etc.), Taylor brings deeper thinking to each action. Instead of using self-care as a way of numbing her feelings, Taylor focuses on infusing the everyday with sacred energy. She wants readers to bring “a new level of consciousness to daily activities”. By identifying the link between the body and the mind, Taylor believes that it’s possible to learn how to “come home to ourselves”.

Throughout A JOYFUL PAUSE, Taylor frequently draws from her own spiritual inspiration to help enhance the meaning behind each exercise. Taylor plucks wisdom from a broad range of sources, from ancient yogic texts like the Tripura Rahasya to modern day podcasts like Krista Tippett’s On Being. She quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Persian poet Hafiz, and literary genius Joseph Campbell. Her sources are incredibly varied, and her methods are accessible to anyone, regardless of their background, worldview, or religion.

Readers that are struggling to find “moments of stillness” in their life will benefit from A JOYFUL PAUSE. Following Taylor’s exercises will help the reader create new mental muscles that promote self-awareness. Taylor encourages her audience to pursue “peace, connection, kindness, love of nature, and oneness” in a way that staves off the modern “epidemic of busyness”. A JOYFUL PAUSE will benefit anyone that wants to slow down and learn how to practice self-love on a daily basis.

A JOYFUL PAUSE is the ultimate guide to a year long adventure that will help the reader cultivate a deeper understanding of their mental, spiritual, and physical self—all through the performance of fifty-two simple, everyday activities.

~Stephani Hren for IndieReader