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6 Sure-Fire Gift Ideas for Your Writer Friends

(Originally posted 12/13/19)

December is a pretty stressful month for most people. With work deadlines and the thought of having to organize events with friends and family, there’s also the added worry of buying gifts for your nearest and dearest. If like us, you have friends who happen to be writers, then here are some suggestions that could end up saving you countless hours.

1. For the friend who can’t find something to write about

Sure, there are plenty of ways to generate a random story these days but only The Storymatic will let you pleasingly assemble a plot you can hold like a poker hand. If you know a writer who keeps talking about how they can’t think of what to write about, give them this. With literally six trillion stories that can be made from combining various cards, there’s finally no excuse!

2. For the friend who loves to scribble

There’s no shortage of fine, leather-bound notebooks on the market. But instead of giving your writer friend yet another Moleskine, why not look to something a bit more sustainable and quirky? Take a look at the sweet notebooks over at Decomposition. On top of some incredibly designed covers, these books are made from 100% post-consumer waste paper (which is actually nowhere near as gross as it sounds).

3. For the friend who struggles to hold onto ideas.

I know we’re afraid to say it, but a lot of great ideas come when we’re in the shower (or very near the shower). To make sure those brainwaves don’t get lost like tears in rain, AquaNotes has designed a notepad that lives in your bathroom. No more soggy bits of paper drying off on your clothesline!

4. For the friend who can’t get over writer’s block

A perfect stocking-stuffer, the Writer Emergency Pack created by screenwriter John August (Big Fish) is designed to get your creaky creative wheels turning. This deck has 26 illustrated cards, each with a practical prompt that will get even the most uninspired writer out of a jam. And the great thing is that it’s suitable for writing anything from novels to plays and poetry.

5. For the friend who needs to stay warm through all those early morning writing sprints

Early bird authors love nothing more than cozying up by the radiator and beavering away on their latest work in progress. And what better accessory to keep them warm than a pair of tasteful Sylvia Plath socks or a scarf that will remind them of their favorite books. Etsy is a treasure trove of quirky literary items — if you have the time, you could spend hours searching through it for the perfect present.

6. When all else fails…

If there’s one cliche that applies to 98% of all writers, it’s a love/dependence on coffee. With that in mind, you can buy them a coffee mug themed after their favorite author, book, or inspirational writing quote. Or perhaps even a subscription to a coffee delivery club. A writer can never have too much coffee.


Martin Cavannagh is a writer at Reedsy. When he’s not looking for gift ideas, he helps educate writers on self-publishing topics. His recent works include posts on publishing on Amazon and finding beta readers.








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