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Once in a Lifetime

A widow on the brink of enormous change. A shock of a lifetime that nearly tears a family in two. And an old man who, as it turns out, isn’t done living quite yet — not by a long shot.

Charlotte Hamner lost her beloved husband Jason three years ago. His death nearly destroyed her — but with the help of her dearest sisters and cousins in the Montgomery and Sheridan clans, she was able to find hope once more, one day at a time, and ultimately build her wedding planning business back to new heights.

Against all odds, she found love again with the dashing photographer, Everett.

It’s September, the tail-end of a glorious summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Everett gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on an island in the northwest, near his family who live in Seattle.

Charlotte is terrified to tell him not to go. How can she stand between this wonderful man and his wildest dreams?

Meanwhile, another member of the Montgomery clan meets a tragic end — one that threatens to destroy them all. So soon after Jason’s death, Charlotte realizes she must remain on Martha’s Vineyard and carry her family through this difficult path. She cannot abandon them.

Uncle Wes Sheridan was diagnosed with dementia several years back and has steadily declined. With his daughters and loved ones back on the island with him, however, his spirit is brighter than ever. A remarkable meeting with Beatrice, Tommy Gasbarro’s great aunt, ignites something inside of him — something that demands far more of him than he even knew he still had. Perhaps love is still possible, after all.

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