Gone Reading LogoIn today’s day and age, it’s often hard to find those who share your ideologies.  As you all know, Teck tock is about technologies that enhance the reading experience.  Although I personally prefer reading the old-fashioned way (printed books), I’m an advocate for any method, any technology, any strategy that gets people reading and makes it ENJOYABLE!

Reading is the way we learn and communicate.  Because I feel so strongly that reading and writing can change the world (knowledge IS power), it’s important to make THIS important pastime F.U.N.

Gone Reading Logo5Enter GoneReading.  This is a website dedicated to selling products (not books) that improve the quality of your reading experience.  From functional reading accessories, like bathtub book caddies, book holders, book journals and book lights to novelty items, like trivia games for adults and knowledge cards for kids, GoneReading offers a slew of bookish items.

You can even get wine charms for your book club, a book-shaped platter for your favorite chef, a bookshelf for your office or an ironic “Check It Out!” t-shirt for a librarian friend!

Gone Reading Logo4 There are so many gift ideas for book enthusiasts to choose from.  Know someone who relishes the world of Jane Austen?  Purchase a candle inspired by the scents of her time.

The list of unique reading-themed products is an endless one and one worth perusing, because GoneReading was specifically created to raise money for reading-related charities, like READ Global and Ethiopia Reads.  In fact, just recently they funded a children’s library in Ethiopia.  Happy reading, kids!

Gone Reading Logo3Founded in 2011, GoneReading pledges 100% of after-tax profits to fund reading-related organizations.  And to ensure every cent possible can be properly utilized, this non-profit organization relies on volunteers to minimize overhead.  That means every purchase you make helps underdeveloped countries get access to reading resources and materials.

“Thirty percent of adults in the U.S. identify reading as their number one hobby or personal interest,” said Brad Wirz, Founder & CEO, GoneReading.

Gone Reading Logo2 “This group has tremendous power to spread the magic of reading throughout the world through the purchases they make.  That’s exactly what GoneReading was designed to do – leverage the power of avid readers to help their fellow readers in some of the poorest regions on Earth.”

For more information, check out GoneReading.com.  And remember teck-tockers, with every order placed, you not only get a gift, you give the gift of reading to someone else…

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