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All About Penelope Ward

USA Today Bestselling author and an Amazon #1 Bestselling author in Romance.

alike but indie
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If You liked Jennifer Weiner’s “All Fall Down”, You’ll LOVE…

Choosing an indie book can be hard. We’re here to help.


Readers’ Hideaway

There’s something pure yet intimate about sharing “reading secrets” in this kind of forum, especially when nothing is asked of you in return.

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Show Us Your Shelfie

Half Price Books launches a contest, the Amazon-Hachette feud drags on, free New all summer + more in this week’s roundup

big wave
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Howey: Indie Books Overtake Big 5 in Total Dollars

“Mathematical quibbling aside, IR’s conviction remains firm that any way you slice it, the ascendancy of books moving more directly from writers to readers today is undeniable.”

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IndieReaders Make the Best Lovers

Living with a reader is like living a 1,000 different lives, Amazon launches an all-you-can-read subscription e-book service + more in this week’s roundup

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Indie Books Based on Mythological Tales

Finished your Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan and Homer and it’s not even August? Try one of these 10 self pubbed titles!

rock chick revolution
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The Kristen Ashley Interview

Her posse is loopy (to say the least), but loopy is good when you want to write.

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Presenting July’s Indie Insiders’ Picks!

Find out what the “Insiders” say will be the next big books, Book Clubs Gone Wild + more in this week’s roundup

danny 7-9
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Ebook vs. “TreeBook” Debate Rekindled (pun intended!)

Are new technologies changing the way readers read and writers write?

game of thrones
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5 Requirements to Be a Character in an Epic Fantasy Novel

(6 if you count the cash)

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Happy Indie Day!

Celebrate the indie spirit with fireworks, news from Amazon that nearly a third of its bestsellers are self-pubbed + more in this week’s roundup.