Aug 30, 2015
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go set
Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “Go Set A Watchman”, You’ll LOVE…

Choosing an indie book is hard. We’re here to help.

IR Interview  |  

Former Trad Publisher Betty Sargent Talks BookWorks + Her Interest in Indie

Former EIC of William Morrow, Exec Editor of Harper Collins + Delacorte Press, Fiction + Books Editor of Cosmo on Joining the Indie Team

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Genre Discrimination: Speaking Out In Defense of Romance

French Students Self-Pub Books for Underprivileged Haitian Kids, How to Price Your New Indie Book, A Bestselling Indie Helps Puts Kids to Sleep + more in this week’s round-up

Crowdfunded Indies  |  

5 More Kickstarter Favorites

Another batch of successful crowdfunded books that represent the best of what indie publishing can be–books created by authors with a vision and supported by readers who share that vision.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Book Crowdfunder PubSlush to Close

Kindlepreuners from Across the Pond, A Flat Market for Traditional Publishers + more in this week’s round-up

Best Book Covers  |  

All Dressed Up & Ready to Read

12 Indies with Amazing Covers

Tips  |  

You Talkin’ to Me???

Tips from a Pro on How to Identify and Reach Your Readers

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

PW Asks: Are Traditional Publishers Doing Enough to Support Established Authors?

Can a Virtuous Character Still Make for Interesting Reading? Yikes! Ebook Sales are Down for April (No Surprise as Millennials Prefer Paper) + more in this week’s round-up

the life changing
Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, You’ll LOVE…

Choosing an indie book is hard. We’re here to help.

99 percent
IR Interview  |  

Doug Richardson Talks Bad Boys, Die Hard + His Indie Books

His movie credits include Die Hard: Die Harder, Bad Boys, and Hostage. As a novelist, he’s penned five suspense thrillers, his most recent are The Safety Expert, Blood Money, and the recently published 99 Percent Kill.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Brooke Warner: “It’s time for traditional publishing…to pull its head out of the sand.”

Trad Pubbed Authors Told They Can’t Provide Blurbs for POD Books, Are We Living in the Golden Age of Publishing + more in this week’s round-up.

Feature  |  

4 Indie “Podcast Novels”
(Plus “Serial”)

Podcast novels—free, self-published audiobooks—are as old as the medium itself.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

“Ever After” Romance Brand Launches a Print Program for Indies

New Editing App, “Go Set a Watchman” Breaking Records (Alike But Indie for the title forthcoming) + more in this week’s roundup

Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “Primates of Park Avenue”, You’ll LOVE…

5 fabulous indies that share the hilarious analogies and witty memoir spirit of “Primates of Park Avenue”

All About the Book  |  

Lisa Quast on the “Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach: A Foolproof Guide to Getting the Job You Want. Every Time.”

2015 First place Non-Fiction IRDA Winning Author says, “This book is meant to be your go-to guide for conducting a successful job search, sharing the basics everyone should master.”

the preference
IR Interview  |  

Michele Scott on Being Kicked to the Curb by Penguin + Finding Indie

She dreamed of being a writer since the age of nine and is the bestselling author of more than three dozen books–women’s fiction, paranormal novels, mysteries, and thrillers.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Hugh Howey on Author’s United Letter to the DOJ: “I think it’s hilarious!”

Kirk Cameron Gives Crocoduck a Blowjob in a New Novella, Classic Comic is Self-Pubbed on Facebook + A New App Helps Author Organize Their Tweets + more in this week’s roundup.

grey big
Alike But Indie  |  

If You Liked “Grey”, You’ll LOVE…

If you’ve been living under a rock lo these past few weeks, you may not be aware that EL James released a companion of sorts to her “50 Shades” saga, “Grey”, as told from Christian’s point of view.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Brooklyn Book Fairs Showcase Indies (Way to go, Brooklyn!)

Class Action Denied in Author Solutions Case, New Award for African American Indies + more in this week’s round-up

Kickstarted Indies  |  

5 Successfully Funded Kickstarted Books

We at IndieReader believe that the books generated by successful crowdfunding campaigns truly represent the best of what indie publishing can be–books created by authors with a vision and supported by readers who share that vision.

guest blogging
Tips  |  

Guest Blogging 101

Guest blogging can be a great way to get your work in front of new sets of eyes and your books on new bookshelves. But landing a guest blogging opportunity isn’t as easy as sending off an email to your favorite blogger.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |  

Amazon to Indie Authors: Size Really Does Matter

Scribd Cuts Down Catalog by Cutting Out (Lots Of ) Indie Titles, New App Lets Readers Get Ebooks They Already Own in Paper for Free + more in this week’s roundup

Seasonal Selections  |  

7 Tropically Themed Indie Titles for More Fun in the Sun

Nothing says festive like a three day weekend that includes fireworks, BBQ’s and lounging on the beach with a great book.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Directed by Victor Fleming
Shown: Judy Garland (as Dorothy Gale) on the Yellow Brick Road, wearing the ruby slippers
The Indie Author Primer  |  

What You Need to Do to Finish Writing Your Book

“Handing over” your manuscript doesn’t describe just a transfer of paperwork, it describes a change of mental state on the author’s part.