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IndieReaders Make the Best Lovers

Living with a reader is like living a 1,000 different lives, Amazon launches an all-you-can-read subscription e-book service + more in this week’s roundup

Alike But Indie  |  

Indie Books Based on Mythological Tales

Finished your Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan and Homer and it’s not even August? Try one of these 10 self pubbed titles!

rock chick revolution
Interview  |  

The Kristen Ashley Interview

Her posse is loopy (to say the least), but loopy is good when you want to write.

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Presenting July’s Indie Insiders’ Picks!

Find out what the “Insiders” say will be the next big books, Book Clubs Gone Wild + more in this week’s roundup

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News  |  

Ebook vs. “TreeBook” Debate Rekindled (pun intended!)

Are new technologies changing the way readers read and writers write?

game of thrones
Quiz  |  

5 Requirements to Be a Character in an Epic Fantasy Novel

(6 if you count the cash)

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Happy Indie Day!

Celebrate the indie spirit with fireworks, news from Amazon that nearly a third of its bestsellers are self-pubbed + more in this week’s roundup.

Alike But Indie  |  

Orphan Black

Four indie titles to get you through till the new season begins.

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Indie Voice  |  

Got 4.2 Minutes?

American Teens spend less time reading than they do taking a shower, books sales in real time + more in this week’s round-up

Seasonal Selections  |  

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

6 Indie Titles to enjoy with a bag of peanuts and beer

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Indie Voice  |  

Summer Time & the Reading Is Indie!

Only 17% of parents say that reading is a top priority this summer (17%!!!) + more in this week’s roundup.

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Courts Rule Digital Book Scanning and Searching Legal (Again)

What does this mean to you? If you’re an avid reader, it will be easier to discover new books and writers.