IndieReader In-Store



Get Your Book in Front of 37,000 Book Industry Professionals.

Seeing your book on a friend’s Kindle is great, but every author longs to see his or her title on a bookstore shelf.

Not just another listing, IndieReader In-Store (IRIS) catalogs your book as part of a branded collection on Edelweiss: an online catalog service used by a majority of independent bookstores (plus B&N!); a social network platform for industry professionals; and an interactive research tool for librarians, bloggers and reviewers.

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I love this idea very much and want to utilize it completely.  We’ve had an indie section since we opened 2 years ago, but it hasn’t been very diverse since I cannot review everything that comes my way.  I definitely believe this service will go a long way to getting these selections properly reviewed and on bookstore shelves.”

-Tony Herr, Cape Atlantic Book Company, NJ

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