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IndieReader’s team of professional reviewers boasts a range of background and experience and includes journalists, teachers and librarians, as well as published writers. Whether your book is a vampire love story, a sci-fi action adventure or a memoir, we make every effort to match your book’s genre to the interest of our reviewer.

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NEW! ALL authors whose book receive a 4+ star review will be invited to participate in IR’s “All About the Book” interview feature, which will also be posted on the IndieReader site.

PLUS: Your IndieReader book review will be distributed and/or available for distribution to the following outlets:

Amazon – Authors are encouraged to include their credited IndieReader review in whole or in part in the Editorial section of their Amazon sales page.

Barnes & Noble – Authors are encouraged to include their credited IndieReader review in whole or in part in the Editorial section of their B&N sales page.

IndieReader – Your review will be posted to IndieReader, the essential consumer guide to self-published books and the people who read them.

Ingram Book Company – IndieReader’s reviews appear on the “buy” pages of this major wholesale book distributor and are accessed by thousands of librarians, publishers and booksellers globally.

Select IndieReader reviewed titles are also distributed to:

Association of Independent Authors (AIA) – This organization represents, advances, promotes and supports independent authors globally and includes a monthly round-up of IndieReader’s top reviewed titles.

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There were over 391,000 books self-published in 2012. That’s a lot of company (and competition!) for any author. A professional book review will help set your title apart from the rest, increasing your book’s chance for discoverability.

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There are many book review services to choose from but IndieReader offers the best value, bar none. Plus, should your book earn a 4 to 5 star review, making it IR Approved, our Curation Service can get your title into the best places, at no additional fee.

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Improve Your Writing

Some authors use their book reviews as a way to improve their writing skills. While IR’s reviews are written in service to readers, IR’s reviewers—some of the best in the field—will let you know if you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

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Get Your Book Noticed

If your title is IR Approved (4 to 5 stars), it will be included in IR’s Curation Services, which to date include Scribd (the ebook subscription service) and Bibliolabs (which works with libraries). IR also recommends titles to the HUFFINGTON POST and USA TODAY.

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Darcy Chan

“IndieReader provided one of the earliest reviews for my first novel, THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE. The review gave my book visibility in a crowded marketplace and a vital introduction to readers, both of which helped it become a bestseller.”


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