Oct 25, 2016
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2014 IRDA Winners

Meet Your 2014 IRDA Winners and Buy Their Books!

Today at BEA, CJ Lyons, New York Times and USA Today bestselling indie author announced the winners of the 2014 “IndieReader Discovery Awards”. Congrats to our winners!

Homepage Sub, News  •  May 31, 2014

Today at Book Expo America (BEA), the premiere book trade show which took place in New York City, CJ Lyons, New York Times and USA Today bestselling indie author of twenty-one novels and the first indie named to the Authors Guild, and Amy Edelman, founder of IndieReader, announced the winners of the 2014 “IndieReader Discovery Awards”.

The judges on the IRDA panel included top people in all areas of the publishing industry, in concert with IndieReader’s trusty reviewers. Judging was based on the quality of writing and the originality of the story. There was a first, second and third place winner in each of the fiction and non-fiction categories, in addition to winners in various sub-categories, indicating that each book has received at least a 4-5 star review (out of 5 stars).

Without further ado, IndieReaders, meet this year’s winners!

2014 Fiction IRDA Overall Winners

orion poeOrion Poe and the Lost Explorer

by Will Summerhouse

Category: Middle Grade Fiction

Contact: willsummerhouse@gmail.com





Shattered Veil

by Tracy E. Banghart

Category: Young Adult

Contact: tracythewriter@me.com






Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu

by Ylleya Fields

Category: Kid’s Fiction

Contact: princesscupcakejones@gmail.com





2014 Non-Fiction IRDA Overall Winners

99jobs99 Jobs

by Joe Cottonwood

Category: Memoir

Contact: joecottonwood@gmail.com




Quotable: 20 Years of Black and White

by Monica Emmons

Category: Inspirational

Contact: monica@quotablecards.com





wordupWord Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs

by Marcia Riefer Johnston

Category: Writing/Publishing

Contact: marcia_r_johnston@me.com





IRDA Category Winners/Fiction

Chick Lit (Tie)
the latecomers smThe Latecomers Fan Club

by Diane Mulligan

Contact: dvmulligan@gmail.com


women'sWomen’s Work

by Kari Aguila

Contact: khetchme@gmail.com



Children’s (Tie)

by Camille Matthews

Contact: pathfinder1908@gmail.com


pie ratsPie Rats: The Forgotten Map

by Cameron Stelzer

Contact: cameron@daydreampress.com.au


the millennialMillennial Sword

by Shannon Phillips

Contact: shannon@sonic.net


Gift, Holiday
The ChristmasTreeThe Christmas Tree Elf

by Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon

Contact: valentinedarcy@gmail.com


Historical Fiction
the strange birthThe Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl

by Julian David Stone


pivot smPivot

by L.C. Barlow

Contact: lindsey47162@hotmail.com


An AnimalAn Animal Life

by Howard Krum

Contact: hkrum@me.com


Literary Fiction
the hourThe Hour of Parade

by Alan Bray

Contact: al.bray22@gmail.com


Mystery/Suspense/Thriller (Tie)
the sparkThe Spark

by John Kenny

Contact: thespark@rogers.com


Mystery/Suspense/Thriller – Tie
red sandRed Sand

by Ronan Cray

Contact: ronancray@gmail.com/sethbscott@hotmail.com


Popular Fiction
dancingDancing on Rocks

by Rose Senehi

Contact: rsenehi@earthlink.net


Science Fiction
bloom smBloom

by Martin Kee

Contact: marlanlike@gmail.com


Short Stories
splitSplit Rock Road

by James McAllen

Contact: jimmcallen@aol.com


Women’s Fiction
that crazyThat Crazy Little Thing

by Kate Bracy

Contact: riverladee@yahoo.com


Young Adult
tainted lisenTainted

by D. Hart St. Martin

Contact: dhstmartin@msn.com


Category Winners/Non-Fiction

Aging, Death & Dying
the new artNew Art of Dying

by Diane Burnside Murdock

Contact: dianemurd@gmail.com


compassCOMPASS, Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader’s Guide

by William F. Brandt, Jr.

Contact: porterbookpromotions@gmail.com

crazyCrazy for Italian Food

by Joe Famularo

Contact: jjfamularo@cs.com



young soldiersYoung Soldiers Amazing Warriors

by Robert H. Sholly

Contact: rsholly@usa.net


noseNose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand

by Len Napolitano

Contact: lsnapoli@earthlink.net

your wildYour Wild & Precious Life

by Jesse Gros

Contact: alexandria.zech@gmail.com


to keep smTo Keep My Body Safe I Have a Plan

by Katherine Escovitz + Amanda Miller/

Contact: amanda@littleblueprint.com


the boy smallThe Boy Who Lived With Ghosts

by John Mitchell

Contact: john@onejohnmitchell.com


the lightThe Light Changes

by Amy Billone

Contact: abillone@gmail.com


Self Help
out of the rabbitOut of the Rabbit Hole

by Sheri Bloom

Contact: sheribernstein@me.com


he didHe Did You a Favor

by Debra Rogers

Contact: Janay@sparkpointstudio.com


True Crime
the bankThe Bank Holiday Murders

by Tom Wescott

Contact: tomwescott73@gmail.com

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