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Want Your Book Sold In Independent Bookstores Nationwide?

For many Indie authors, getting their books in an actual physical bookstore is the Holy Grail. We hear it all the time. The problem is, it’s a crazy amount of work to canvas the shops, have meetings with store owners and convince them that you’re book is a good fit.

That’s why we’ve created IndieReader In-Store. Learn more below, or sign up now.

How It Works

IRIS lists indie books on Edelweiss, the online catalog service and a social network platform for publishers and industry professionals, to finally get IR branded self-published titles in front of approximately 37,000 book industry professionals, including retailers, reviewers, librarians, and publishers.

Why We Created It

Why is this so important?  The recent issue of self-pubbed ebooks being pulled off virtual shelves only highlights the need for authors to make sure their titles are available in more than one basket. And while there is no guarantee that all books will be bought by all stores, this at least puts indie titles and other pertinent information under one trusted brand name in front of interested retailers. And that’s a helluva lot closer than they have been before.

Are bookstores ready?  Let’s face it, what independent bookstore couldn’t use the sales generated by indie authors who regularly capture 20-30% of the bestseller lists (including The New York Times and USA Today)? According to a recent post in the Christian Science Monitor, “Independent bookstores and self-published authors are increasingly teaming up”. Adds Nicole Magistro, co-owner of The Bookworm of Edwards in Colorado, “There’s growing interest from the members of the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) concerning the ability to identify good or bestselling indie titles for possible sale in-store. Having indie titles included in the Edelweiss database via IRIS provides the tools to do both of those things.” And with international reach, IRIS (via Edelweiss) will give authors the platform so that they no longer need to settle being a sub-category in the “local author” section.

What You Get

The cost to indie authors is $524.00 per title and includes an IndieReader book review that will accompany the title in the Edelweiss database.  The fee also includes entry in the Edelweiss Digital Review Copy (DRC) Module.  Similar in function to NetGalley, it is a secure, controlled way for authors to share their DRCs with reviewers, bloggers, librarians, media, booksellers, wholesalers, etc. Additional services—including various forms of bookstore outreach—are available for additional fees.

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