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Reader Reviews

What if my Reader Review(s) gets removed from Amazon?

It has recently come to our attention that Amazon has been pulling verified reviews from indie authors (including a few from IR’s Reader Review service) even though they meet all of Amazon’s standards and guidelines.  As such, IR will offer any authors who have had their Reader Reviews pulled within 6 months of purchase either replacement review(s) or a refund for those that have been pulled.

What’s the difference between an IR Professional Review and a Reader Review?

We vet our IR Professional Reviewers very carefully to make sure they have the background, skill and training to write an IR Review.

IR’s Reader Reviews are done by readers who have expressed an interest in having IR send them lists of books from which they choose a genre they like to read. They then purchase the book, read it, write their reviews and post them to Amazon and GoodReads.

So while IR does guarantee that you will get the number of verified reviews you’ve paid for in 4-8 weeks, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be positive.

How do Reader Reviews work?

As authors we know that getting reader reviews can be a Catch 22. There are only so many friends and relatives you can hit up before you become persona non grata. And without reader reviews you’re less likely to rank on Amazon, which makes it less likely people will purchase your book, leading to more reviews.

IndieReader, a trusted service provider for indie authors since 2009, has amassed a huge number of readers who would love the opportunity to read your book and write and post an honest review.

Working in a similar way as services such as BookBub, authors pay IndieReader a fee for connecting you with those readers.

IR will circulate your book among our readers who will choose the genres they most like to read (we have readers for all genres!).  Your readers will buy your book directly from Amazon, making them “Verified Purchases”.  In 4-8 weeks, we’ll send you a link to your review.

IR can not guarantee that your book will receive a positive review, but we do guarantee that your will receive the number of reviews you pay us to secure for you, leading to more sales and more reviews.



What is the turnaround time for getting a reader review?

From the date of purchase, no matter the quantity (3, 6, 10) your reviews will be posted on Amazon and GoodReads within 4-8 weeks.

Will the reviews appear on my Amazon book page?

Because the Reader Reviews are “verified” (meaning that the reader purchased your book), they will appear on the Amazon platform from which the readers purchased them.

IR connects with readers from all over the world because we know that authors benefit from having reviews on Amazon platforms other than the US.  After all, its a smaller world now than ever.  If Harry Potter can make it over to the US from the UK, then your book can certainly benefit from generating readers from other countries as well.



Will my Amazon review be verified?

Yes, IndieReader will connect you with readers who will purchase, read and post a review of the Kindle format of your book.

NOTE: If the price of your book is over $9.99, you will be invoiced the difference.  For example, for a Kindle book costing $12.99 you will be invoiced an additional $3.00 per Reader Review.