Get Reader Reviews

Unable to generate the number of reader reviews that will encourage others to buy your book? Running out of friends and relatives willing and/or able to read your latest title? – No problem!

Now, in addition to our professional reviews, IndieReader offers you the opportunity to connect with book-loving consumers, who will read your books and post their unbiased reviews on Amazon.

Ted Neill

Author of City On A Hill
“Thanks Amy. You are a superstar. I’ve ordered 10 reviews for three books. It’s a great service you all are providing. You are the best resource I’ve come across for indie publishers like myself. Thanks!”

Dean Ammerman

Author of The Warrensberg Trilogy

“Just want to let you know what a great service this is. The reviews are honest and well-balanced…some like the book, some don’t. Thanks!“

Harry Meier

Author of Golden Keys To Open Doors: About spiritual cotton candy

“Hi Amy,
Thanks so very much for your impressive support!
Incredible easy to use and wonderful, detailed reviews, most readers would not take the time to do them like that!”

How It Works

  1. You pay IR to connect you with unbiased readers, interested in reading and reviewing your book (all genres are welcome).
  2. Once a match is made, readers buy your book(s) on Amazon (making them an Amazon Verified Purchase).
  3. Within 6-8 weeks (although turnaround for the initial reviews is usually closer to 4-6 weeks), readers will post their reviews* on your Amazon and GoodReads book pages.
  4. IndieReader will send you an email with the links to your Amazon + GoodReads review.

*There is no guarantee of a positive review and reviews cannot be shared with authors ahead of time.

** Your book must be available in Kindle format and for sale on Amazon US.