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Get Your Book in Front of 10,000+ librarians via the #1 global content distribution network PR Newswire

Ready to get your book on library shelves?


What if you could connect with libraries around the country without lifting a finger? How would you feel if readers throughout the nation could check out your book and spread the word to friends, family, and fellow book lovers?

LibraryBub, founded in 2015 by bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska, is dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries. Working in conjunction with major libraries across the country, the core commitment of LibraryBub is to help librarians identify great books from the independent publishing sector.

Offering an extensive range of outreach and output, the service enables emerging authors achieve greater visibility and publishing success.

In short, LibraryBub helps authors introduce their hybrid, small press and self-published books to thousands of librarians nationwide.

Your book will also be featured in LibraryBub’s monthly PRESS RELEASE when you buy today!


  • Your book is prominently featured in our newsletter to 10,000 libraries
  • We provide a blurb, purchase links, and our endorsement
  • We encourage libraries to purchase your book
  • Your book potentially ends up in libraries throughout the U.S.


  • 5 x Feature in LibraryBub’s newsletter going out to 10,000+ libraries throughout the US (same book 5 times or 5 different books)
  • Press release sent via PR Newswire, the #1 global content distribution network
  • Press release with “after-feature” report
  • Save $900


S.L. Morgan

USA Today Bestselling Author
“To gain exposure like this, is what every self-published author dreams of! Having our books considered by libraries only expands our opportunities to reach new readers everywhere! LibraryBub’s plan to reach them is an invaluable service and every author who is considering this service should jump on board without reservations! Thank you, LibaryBub! This service exceeded my expectations!”

S. McPherson

USA Today Bestselling Author
“I am so thrilled that I decided to put my book in the hands of LibraryBub. It has led to incredible exposure and has gotten my books coverage through moguls like Fox and abc. I am excited to see where this will lead, it has certainly opened doors.”

Jeanie C. Williams

Director, PenPower Book Marketing Services
“PenPower Book Marketing Services has worked with LibraryBub on at least 6 titles and authors we represent and we are very happy with the results. We could not have reached more librarians without the unique service LibraryBub offers. Alinka’s service has helped our authors gain momentum which inevitably lead to more visibility, interest and sales. We experienced great click-thru results on Amazon! We know of no other way to reach so many libraries across the country. LibraryBub continues to be my go-to source to reach librarians!”


Ready to get your book on library shelves?