Discovery Award Winners: 2013


How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice

By Michelle L. Whitlock

At 26, author Michelle Whitlock was living a “normal” life; she had a job in retail, great friends, and a loving family. Then, with the discovery that she had invasive cervical cancer, everything changed.


Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage

By Jennifer Richardson

Americashire is the story of an American woman married to a British man, who is persuaded to move to her husband’s country and finally ends up settling in a peaceful (but eccentrically British) village in the Cotswolds.


My Prison Without Bars

By Taylor Fulks

Sometimes the strongest manacles in this life are the bonds forged from painful memories of a past so horrific, that they shackle and incarcerate the very essence of one’s soul…inevitably, the constraint is a life sentence.


A Friend in Grief: Simple Ways to Help

By Ginny Callaway

A deeply heartfelt and graphically delicate handbook that should sit on everyone’s bookshelf for times in need.



By Jennifer Sharp

A Gender Neutral God/ess is primarily a book about linguistics, religion and history, and the use of gendered words to describe Deity.


Rice’s Owls

By Robert Flatt

Coming to the campus early every morning for months Flatt overcame his own physical challenges (Parkinson’s Disease) to capture the spirit of these magnificent birds with photography, and in doing so also captured the beauty and the spirit of Rice University.


Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found

By Julie Mannix von Zerneck & Kathy Hatfield

After giving up her baby for adoption, a Pennsylvania debutante spends her adult life wondering what happened to her daughter…until the two reunite.


Finding My Voice: My Journey through Grief to Grace

By Nita Whitaker LaFontaine

In a work that began as therapy and became a beautiful tribute to her husband, Nita Whitaker explores her life, marriage to Don LaFontaine, her grief and journey to ‘find her voice’ after his death.


Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

By Kirt Manecke

Smile is a crash course (read it in 60-minutes or less) in customer service and sales (and fundraising). Packed with invaluable tips and advice, Smile’s simple, practical approach will help you sell more, starting today.


Fast Food Vindication

By Lisa Tillinger Johansen

Lisa Tilinger Johansen, a former McDonald’s Corporation real-estate-executive-turned-Registered-Dietician, is out to balance the bad rap that the fast food restaurants have received from books like Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me with bite-sized portions of common sense advice about nutrition, food and eating choices.


How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker

By Jackie Hennessey

How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker is essentially, a virtual venting session for moms. It combines cheesy recipes with funny parental anecdotes, sent in from mothers all across the country, including potty-training stories, grocery-shopping stories, tantrum stories, stories of parents who snapped in entertaining ways, etc.


Viva la Cucina Italiana

By Joe Famularo

From antipasto to dessert, this cookbook of Italian fare covers a wide range of regions and styles.


Corporate Recruiter Tells All

By Ryan Fisher

This book will give you the inside scoop you need in order to understand how the hiring process works and how you can conquer the job market!


No Character Limit

By Keren Taylor

“No Character Limit” is a collection of poetry and short prose, interspersed with writing tips and authors’ notes, from the WriteGirl project.


Long Black Veil

By Jeanette Battista

Devon Mackson has lived with her grandmother since she was eight, when her mother was arrested for prostitution and drug possession.


Dogs Have Angels Too

By Sarah Cavallaro

Miss Pink has been laid off from her job as a high-powered marketing exec. She has also been divorced, and swindled out of all her investments thanks to Bernie Madoff.


Alabama Stories

By John Isaac Jones

Set in Alabama over a period of about forty years beginning in the late 1940s, this exquisite collection of fifteen short stories provides snapshots into the lives of different characters.


Robyn’s Egg: A Futuristic Thriller

By Mark Souza

At an unspecified time in the future, big business controls nearly all aspects of civilized life. From clothing that displays ads based on nearby consumers to food production that comes from only one company, escaping the vice of control is nearly impossible.

Oxford front copy

Oxford Whispers

By Marion Thomas

College student Madison LeBon has always had a connection with the dead because of her heritage of voodoo and psychic abilities, but Madison finds herself unable to ignore a calling from the past after her first day in history class and a lesson about a famous painting.


Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans

By Joanne DeMaio

In her second novel, Joanne DeMaio takes readers to the Connecticut shore, where she introduces an intriguing cast of characters, all of whom are searching their pasts for both release and solace.


A Poem Alights

By Peggy Troupin

This is a collection of poetry on topics both major and minor, from avocados and painful breakups to Passover.


Madman’s Monster

By Michael Weinberger

The second book in The Hidden Amongst Us series, it picks up several years later and in a totally different world.


Benajah’s Keeper

By Aeryn Dougan

In a world where vampires purge the human world of their societal dregs, Evanna is chosen by Keeper, the leader of the vampire entities to eradicate a vampire killer, Rian.


No Remorse

By Ian Walkley

Lee McCloud (Mac), an ex Delta Force operative, heads a covert mission for the CIA so he can clear his reputation for a prior rescue mission gone wrong.


Then Like the Blind Man

By Freddie Owens

Orbie is a nine-year-old whose father died in a tragic incident at the steel mill where he worked, an incident blamed on a black worker’s carelessness.


Bronze (The Glister Journals)

By B. B. Shepherd

Allison is starting high school in a new home and a new town, having moved from Los Angeles to the Sierra Nevada foothills.


Haee: The cat with a crooked tail

By R.S. Verne

The simple but poignant story of Haee, a cat with a crooked tail, who lives a comfortable and worry-free life with his loving family.


The Knighting of Sir Kaye

By Don M. Winn

The Knighting of Sir Kaye is the charming beginning to a children’s series featuring boy knight Sir Kaye and his trusty squire, Reggie Stork (the narrator), in a kingdom that has fallen on difficult times since the death of its former king, a good and wise man.


Martin Mcmillan and the Secret of the Ruby Elephant

By Elaine Russell

Martin McMillan is excited to spend time with his friend Isabel, visiting Chicago six months after their adventure together in Peru.


The Fridgularity

By Mark A. Rayner

Blake Given’s web-enabled fridge has pulled the plug on the Internet, turning its owner’s life – and the whole world – upside down.


The Settler

By Brian Duncan

A riveting story of love and forgiveness set during British expansion in Rhodesia and the Second Boer War in South Africa.



By Mark V. Sroufe

Sleek, stylish, realistic and ominous, “2084” is an Orwellian world on steroids.

Spoon and Moon

Spoon and the Moon

By Wickedly Sisters/Margaret Hultz

SPOON and MOON leaves behind the realm of children’s nursery rhyme becoming a seductive and fanciful tale about protagonists longing for fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives.


Memory’s Wake

By Selina French

A dark-haired girl dressed in blue jeans and a tee-shirt wakes up in a world filled with magical spells and wizards, but no recollection of her past.


Captured Hearts

By Sandra Deighan

Deana Harrington is just an everyday virgin with a job and a life until she is spotted by a very extraordinary fellow.


Imperfect Pairings

By Jackie Townsend

The mystery, beauty and complexities of culture, family and love are revealed through the relationship between a seemingly mismatched American woman and an Italian man.


Grade A Baby Eggs

By Victoria Hopewell

A fascinating, often funny memoir chronicling author Victoria Hopewell’s three-year baby-making mission.


Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

By Romy Wyllie

“Loving Andrew” is a biography of the author’s oldest son, Andrew, who was born in 1959 with Down syndrome.


Cyberslammed: Understand, Prevent, Combat and Transform The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics

By Kay Stephens

Cyberslammed is a manual designed to help parents, school administrators, and kids deal with the risks and results of online bullying.


Girls Love Travis Walker

By Anne Pfeffer

Travis Walker in finishing up with his senior year of high School – again, and running into some problems.


The Romanov Stone

By Robert C. Yeager

Just before she dies from injuries from what looks to be an accident, Kate Gavrill’s mother, Irina, whispers something to Kate that sets her on a journey delving into the secrets of past generations.


The Burning of Cherry Hill

By Amber Butler

The Burning of Cherry Hill is a tale set in a dystopian future, but it begins in a pastoral paradise.

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