Heaven, Earth or Hell

By Maeve Nolan

A young nobleman struggles to balance honor with survival in the turbulent politics of the court of Henry VIII.

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, was one of the highest-ranking men in Tudor England. The son of the Duke of Norfolk and maternal grandson of the Duke of Buckingham, he was taught to hold himself to high standards of honor and chivalry. In his adolescence, he became close friends with Henry VIII’s illegitimate but much-beloved son, Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, and took advantage of the new learning to become a brilliant poet and scholar. Marriage and children brought him another great love, inspiring some of his most beautiful works. But the treacherous, shifting political world of Henry’s court did not always reward honor, and Surrey found himself forced to betray his own kin, slandered by powerful enemies at court, and eventually, brought to the executioner’s block despite his loyalty and courage.

HEAVEN, EARTH OR HELL is a well-researched, beautifully-written historical novel that brings its subjects to vivid life. Nolan deftly portrays a world in uneasy transition, with the inevitable conflict between old blueblood nobility and the “new men” raised to prominence by readily-available education and the Tudors’ need for loyal, and dependent, advisers. Surrey is presented sympathetically, of course, but with his faults as well as his virtues, a full, three-dimensional human being. His love affair with Frances, his wife, is touching and tender, a romance worthy of a poet – and it’s refreshing to see her calling him out on his arrogance, and his thoughtful reaction. Nolan’s Henry VIII is chillingly real, half Bluff King Hal and half petulant child, desperately trying to produce and safeguard a male heir, easily manipulated, quick to love and quick to lash out at perceived betrayal. Poems are interspersed through the text – Surrey’s own and the work of those he admired, like Thomas Wyatt, and inspired, like William Shakespeare – adding color and feeling to the story.

HEAVEN, EARTH OR HELL is a vivid, lively biography, which brilliantly captures the spirit of Henry Howard and his world of Tudor England.


Hidden Solutions All Around You

By Dan Castro

This book will open your eyes to see the solutions that are hidden right in front of you.

What inspired me to write this book:  Curiosity.  I wanted to know why it is that 10 people can be looking at the same pile of trash and only one of them see treasure. 

We’ve all heard rags to riches stories ad nauseum.  In fact, we’ve heard so many of them that unless they involve sex or violence they bore us.  They bore us because they only give us surface level details. 

They tell us the who, the what, the where, and the when.  But none of them tell us the why.  Why at the neurological level. Why at the psychological level.  I went on a seven year long journey to find the answers to why.  And the answers are in this book. 

The award you have honored me with is the seventh award the book has received. 

What is the main reason someone should read this book?  It will open the eye of your brain to see solutions that were there all along, but you could simply not see before.

City times cover

City Times

By Vihang Naik

Vihang A. Naik throws light on the life of a city in all its shades, glory and misery in his City Times and Other Poems. It is an anthology of his intuitive and philosophical poems. The Poems are divided in 6 segmentsi.e. ‘Love Song of a Journey Man’ is more or less an inner travelogue, The segments, for instance, ‘Mirrored Man’ is about the other chimeras in the city .The people in the city are capricious like the walk of a crab or the colours of a chameleon. While, The Path of Wisdom’ is about the beginning of meditation and knowledge. ‘At the Shore’ records the poet’s sense of futility, memory, pain, exile and alienation at the shore of life. The title of this collection is also the heading for the last of its six sections, in which the city is unfolded as a market place, as a heaven for underdogs, and as a seed bed of change and is observed at evening, at mid-night, by moon light and through fog and haze.


Hector’s Heroic Day

By Patrick Jones

It’s the story about a boy whose admiration for all kinds of heroes leads him on an adventure to become one. At the end of the day, he discovers what being a hero is really all about.


Hayley’s Courage

By Linda M. Steiner

This story unites the courage and struggles of a young child feeling different because of a birthmark on her face and her emerging strength of character and friendship. The story chronicles true events of what happened to Hayley and the courage and strength her parents helped her achieve. The story teaches lessons of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth. Focusing not on the disability but the possibilities. It teaches children the respect and morals we should extend to all individuals. The story encourages the goodness of the human spirit and conveys an important message to all children who feel different or challenged. Finally, it will be a valuable resource tool for parents, therapists, and educators.


Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy

By Tyne Traverson

Written by a psychiatrist, this book discusses 78 reliable resources and asks essential questions about single motherhood, adoption, and abortion to help you carefully think through your decisions about your unplanned pregnancy. You could use its balanced, factual information and comprehensive questions to start a conversation with parents or partner, then link directly to the resources to help you pursue the decision that is best for you.The single motherhood resources discuss such things as calculating costs, lists of how-to books, support-groups, money management, government programs, and housing options.The adoption resources address adoption law, types of adoption, adoption agencies, how to establish a continuing relationship with the adoption family and adopted child, and so on.The abortion resources talk about contraception, gestational age, medical abortion, each surgical abortion type, abortion law, finding providers, funding, talk-lines, and the ACOG’s FAQ site.

High road

High Road

By David Chauner

Kurt Dufour, a charismatic nineteen year-old, grew up in a world of wealth and privilege. But his life lurched out of bounds when he was accused of murdering a beautiful and promiscuous young woman. The second chance he needs comes in the form of an unusual opportunity to channel his gifted athletic talent into a spot on a fledgling Tour de France team directed by Otto Warner, an aging ex-teammate of Kurt’s father who desperately needs to find an American superstar.

Five years after joining the team Dufour has become the undisputed challenger to the arrogant Frenchman, Jacques Poulain, ordained to be the first professional cyclist to win the Tour an unprecedented six times.

When Dufour convincingly takes over the Yellow Jersey of Tour leadership on the toughest Alpine stage, he suddenly realizes that winning the Tour is much more than being the best cyclist and his chance at victory becomes a bizarre game of deceit, manipulation and examination of his own character.

Filled with unforgettable teammates, an American television crew assigned to cover a bizarre sport, an attractive young producer and a French team owner and his subordinates who diabolically plot to stop Dufour, High Road is a fast-paced story from the underbelly of one of the World’s most bizarre sporting events.


I Am Ed

By R.A. Ackerlund

Ed Henderson was sixteen when his mother died, leaving him the sole provider for his three younger brothers. To keep the family from being separated and put in foster care, Ed abandons his dream of leaving home and throws himself into raising his siblings. He has no time to process and grieve the loss of his mother; his surviving family members take priority.

Living for his brothers becomes Ed’s world. To help them deal with their own sorrow, he teaches them to play musical instruments. Together with Ed’s friend Matt, they form the Hendersons, a band that suddenly hits the big time.

But wealth and fame bring their own dangers, and soon Ed finds himself guiding a heroin-addicted sibling back to health while unexpectedly becoming a father himself—and losing the woman he loves.

Living for others at his own expense takes a steady, cumulative toll—a cost Ed begins to pay. Falling into the hard-partying, cocaine-dusted music industry lifestyle, he seems lost.

It’s time for Ed’s brothers to take care of him and help him claim his own happiness. Sometimes, however, the journey away from grief only ends in more pain.


Inspector Dewey

By Kristen Heimerl

My name is Dewey-Inspector Dewey. I live in the big green house on Hampshire Avenue with my family: Thumper, Lily, and Anna. I am the Big Cat responsible for keeping everyone safe and in order. I do this quite well, in spite of the fact that managing my family is like, well, herding cats!

Mostly our life is peaceful. But one night it wasn’t. That was the night the bad guy showed up on our block. Of course, I knew exactly how to out-smart the outlaw, but miserable mullet! Would Anna and the police understand my instructions?

To find out how the adventure ended, you’ll have to read on. But I’ll give you a hint: there’s a reason I’m called Inspector Dewey.



By Derek Vasconi

The bastard child of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and Stephen King’s CARRIE, KAI explores how one innocent girl becomes the target of enormous rage living inside another girl-who is seemingly from another world.

Satsuki Takamoto is an invisible otaku teenager in Hiroshima. The only thing she has going for her is the upcoming birth of her sister. No longer will she be alone. But when her mother has a gory miscarriage right in front of her, Satsuki loses her one chance at happiness. She spirals into a deep depression, shutting out everyone and everything by locking herself inside her bedroom-for good. Her sadness, however, pales in comparison to her uncontrollable anger. It spreads like a nuclear fire, ambivalent to what or who it destroys, and won’t stop until Satsuki accepts her sister’s death.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Evanston, Illinois, Seul Bi Rissiello can’t sleep because every time she closes her eyes, she relives her adoptive parents’ gruesome deaths. Why is she thinking so much about them now, ten years afterward? As she struggles with working at a clinic for the mentally disturbed, Seul Bi starts to unravel under the weight of living a lonely life and being twice an orphan. Her life devolves into a series of ominous and dangerous hallucinations that threaten not only her sanity, but her very existence as well.

As both girls struggle to understand what is happening to them, their enigmatic connection comes into focus, raising the question: What if all the suffering in your life was carefully choreographed by somebody you’ve never met?


The Teachings of Shirelle

By Douglas Green

“Relish the day. If you’re not in awe, you’re just not paying attention.”

She hadn’t even been in the crowded pound a week, but she’d already developed a nickname, “Knucklehead.” As a puppy she destroyed property and precious clothes; as an adult she injured her owner, ruined romances… and changed the world-views of those around her.

Have you ever watched an animal and wondered how it thinks, how it sees the world, how it views you? And have you ever wondered what wisdom you might learn if you could see things as that animal does?

This unique book is many things: an amusing and moving memoir about a memorable dog, a poetic ode to a human-animal connection, and a serious philosophical, psychological, and spiritual inquiry into the lessons a man gleaned from the simple-minded brilliance of a teacher, a lover, a liver of life to the fullest… a Knucklehead.

There has never before been a book like “The Teachings of Shirelle.” Take a walk with this pooch, and you might never look at life, love, or yourself the same again.


Managing Bubbie

By Russel Lazega

Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie. Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch’s twilight years are spent in comfort, safety, and serenity. But how do you manage an aging, immutably stubborn Holocaust survivor who has risen above the squalor of Poland’s ghettos; fled across the war-torn German wilderness; and survived the winter-ravaged Pyrenees alone on foot with three children? You probably don’t.

Managing Bubbie is the heartrending, hilarious family memoir by Russel Lazega that recounts the frequently hectic, ever-exhausting trials of one Jewish family in Miami Beach as they try to oversee the care of the elderly, unmanageable Lea Lazega. As they scramble for an acceptable assisted living facility and struggle to get her medication in line, they discover the difficulties of controlling a woman who time and again eluded catastrophe by refusing to be told what to do.

A tapestry of an American family in the 1980s, Managing Bubbie also revisits the Holocaust period to mine the love, hope, and humor that emerged from the deepest despair. Anyone who savors a soft heart with a sharp funny bone will laugh, cry, and commiserate with the confounded family who must manage their beloved, impossible Bubbie.

Masters' Mysterium Las Vegas cover

Masters’ Mysterium

By R. R. Reynolds

What happens when angels move to Sin City?

For years angels led quiet lives, protected by their human friends in a sleepy northern Wisconsin town. Until Reverend Jay Masters’ quest to find a new exhibit for his museum of oddities in Wisconsin Dells accidentally caused all hell to break loose–literally.

Now, news is spreading across the globe that humans are not alone. People want answers to supernatural questions, and Masters greedily hopes to fill that void, and his wallet, by opening a Las Vegas branch of his now infamous exhibit on angels and demons: Masters’ Mysterium.

Masters’ daughter Trudy, her faith healer fiancé Gavin, and their angelic friend Rachel flee the now militarized Creekside, Wisconsin, embarking on a daring cross-country journey to the dilapidated desert town of Calamity, Nevada, where they hope to find refuge. There a growing community of humans and angels will work together to bring a glimpse of heaven to the arid Nevada desert.

Unfortunately, since the not-so-good reverend is involved, evil follows him at every turn, and it threatens to provoke a confrontation between seraphic forces under the neon lights.

Masters’ Mysterium: Las Vegas continues the saga that started in Wisconsin and ushers in the age of the magician.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.59.02 AM

Max and the Mara

By Jesse Arnold

Every night a secret war is waged between teddy bears and the dream stealing monsters known as mara. Max, a teddy bear with world travel on his mind, had gone his entire life without facing a mara, until one terrible night a mara came to snatch not the dreams of the boy he cared for, but the boy himself. Now Max, along with his fellow teddy bears Nigel, Harper, and Flint, must journey to the nightmare realm to rescue Jeremy before it’s too late.

The diaries

The Diaries

By Chuck Driskell

He thought it was a routine surveillance job.

They thought he was an ordinary citizen.

Neither could have been more wrong.

Propelled by the discovery of a set of mind-bending diaries written by Adolf Hitler’s unwilling lover, a deadly pursuit ensues across Europe. Chased is Gage Hartline, a former special operations soldier. Stalking him are the French mob, a rogue DGSE agent, and his former employer, the United States Army. But when the one he loves is ripped from him, Gage turns the tables and becomes the hunter.

The first book in the Gage Hartline series, The Diaries is a modern example of the classic European espionage thriller.


Simple Simon

By William Poe

Simon embarks on a course of self-discovery with his lover, Thad, after suffering drug abuse and loss of faith, continuing the story begun in the novel, Simon Says (ISBN-13: 978-1477624999).

“Simple Simon, by William Poe, follows Simon Powell through a gritty  painful path and ultimately becomes a story of healing . . . At his counselor’s urging, Simon is earnestly trying to make sense of his life by writing down his story. Simon grew up in the 1960s in Arkansas, where he faced adversity because of his homosexuality. This pain and tension sets the stage for the rest of his life. He seeks solace in Reverend Moon’s Unification Church, through drug and alcohol abuse, and through unhealthy relationships. Eventually one of his relationships heads him in a positive direction–Thad, Simon’s former lover,encourages Simon to seek treatment for his drug addiction. The counsel and healing that result are the impetus for this story. (Melissa Wuske, Clarion Foreword Reviews).


Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country

By Louisa Oakley Green

Get ready to slip on your psychic walking shoes and follow Louisa into the unseen world around us. Ramble through tales of dead relatives who insist on having the last annoying word, ghosts behaving badly, inspiring near-death experiences, and dreams foretelling the future. Along the way, you’ll find comfort, laughter, and some spine-tingling moments that may have you looking over your shoulder! A great guilty pleasure for those who love reading true paranormal tales.

VIctoria Woodhill


By Neal Katz

Women empowerment, overcoming adversity, social change, and hope were the cornerstones upon which Victoria Woodhull (1838–1927) and her younger sister Tennessee Celeste Claflin built their incredible lives in Victorian America. OUTRAGEOUS, Rise to Riches sets the psychological verity and traces Victoria from childhood poverty and horrific abuse to becoming one of the wealthiest women in America, founding the first women-owned brokerage firm on Wall Street, and the first women-owned newspaper. Victoria will stop at nothing to achieve her destiny.



By Terry John Barto

A dragon named Nickerbacher guards a princess because his papa told him to. However, he practices his jokes on Princess Gwendolyn, as he yearns to be a stand-up comedian. The young dragon gets up the nerve to tell his papa about his dream and is sternly reminded of his dragonly duty. Later that day, Prince Happenstance arrives for the princess and repeatedly challenges the dragon to fight. The opponents manage to find common ground and Nickerbacher leaves for the big city to pursue his dream.

Nickerbacher is the only dragon who wants to make people laugh. And in the process, he encourages the prince (and kids) to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Networking carma

Networking Karma

By Gail Tolstoi-Miller

Networking Karma is a mindful approach to living that asks you to consider each chance meeting and budding relationship as an opportunity to inform, assist, advocate or connect others. “Embracing this spirit of selflessness,” Tolstoi-Miller says, “is the key to building a professional and personal fan base; one that will ultimately return your kindness in unknown and awesome ways. “


Mirror of Intimacy

By Alexandra Katehakis & Tom Bliss

Mirror of Intimacy contains a year’s worth of daily reflections that explore and support the range of human sexualities as a divine gift and a human right. The reflections reference a rich array of approaches: attachment theory, mind/body nexus, neurobiology, 12-step principles, meditation techniques, Eastern and Western philosophy, and ancient world myths. Unfettered by cultural, social, or religious norms, we set our intention to examine 366 topics related to sex and sexuality.

A reader writes, “Mirror of Intimacy is a ‘vade mecum,’ one of those books which you don’t let out of your sight. As a psychologist, I am happy to have this magnificent creation to use with clients and patients leading to their enrichment, joy and celebration of life. The book will soon be one of the important therapeutic tools in our field.”

It’s a promise–these pages will erotically enlighten you and your world!

Signs of passing

Signs of Passing

By Owen Thomas

What convinces us that we have been wrong about the world? When do we know that the usual ways are no longer working; that it is time to set down one life and pick up another? Winner of the Pacific Book Award for short fiction, Signs of Passing presents ten stories told from the nearside of epiphany, less a time or place than a state of mind in which one can hear the voice calling from beyond the veil of conscious understanding and singing of how life can be better.

One american nation

The Emergence of One American Nation

By Donald J. Fraser

*NOTE: Free book is a GIVEAWAY via Amazon for a hard copy, rather than for an ebook.*

In the Emergence of One American Nation, Donald J. Fraser explores the difficulties that the founding generation confronted in molding the United States into one nation. At the heart of that endeavor was the effort to create and ratify a new Constitution for the country, one to replace the failed Articles of Confederation. Fraser not only explains the American leaders’ process of constitution making, but places it clearly in the context of the separation from Great Britian, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and fighting the Revolutionary War.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.16.17 AM

The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon

By Lowell H. Press

The König is a tyrant. His subjects are starving. And all-out war is fast approaching. Will a pair of young, courageous brothers save their kingdom? When an emissary sent by the König himself stops by the remote mouse colony of Long Meadow, the peaceful life Sommer and Nesbit have shared is turned upside down-and the brothers are catapulted into separate death-defying adventures. Sommer, levelheaded and clever, is ordered to the palace to join the König’s illustrious Eagle Guard as it prepares to face a full-scale invasion by the nefarious Emperor Wolfsmilch and his army of a hundred thousand forest mice. Meanwhile, the small but spirited Nesbit is banished to the Forest of Lost Life for insulting the König, and must dodge hungry predators at every turn. The brothers struggle to reunite and defy the oppressors who threaten everyone and everything they have ever known and loved. But time is quickly running out for both of them-and the fate of the kingdom hinges on one last, daring mission. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon is an action-packed adventure story for young readers and adults alike. Ages 10 and up


The Maynwarings

By Digger Cartwright

When United States Senator Barron Maynwaring returns to his family and his beloved ranch, the Greenbrier, much has changed in Carson City. Family friends have taken to gambling. Cattle rustlers have increased activity
around the massive ranch. A mysterious stranger, Giddeon Van Thorn, has arrived in town on secretive business.

A political opponent and the press have launched attacks on Barron and his family. When Dan Arkin, the Maynwarings’s neighbor, is murdered, suspicion immediately turns to Jeremy Foster, a loner who had threatened Arkin after a crooked card game. When the posse led by the Maynwarings turns into a lynch mob, against their will, and Van Thorn’s men hang Jeremy Foster, Barron’s daughter Mary Catherine, the Carson City solicitor, launches an investigation of her own hoping to learn why the strangers wanted Foster dead.As Van Thorn attempts to buy up property in Carson City for a massive redevelopment, Barron’s son, Stokes, a city councilman, attempts to block the slick businessman’s plan that seems more than meets the eye. As they seek answers to Van Thorn’s true intentions and dark background, the Maynwarings are stunned to learn that Jeremy Foster’s brother has arrived in Carson City seeking revenge for his brother’s untimely death. As bodies mount and the Maynwarings are bushwhacked, it becomes apparent that a sinister game of chance will determine the fate of the Greenbrier and the future of Carson City… yet in this high stakes game of chance nothing is as it seems!

The wild ones

The Wild Ones

By Corky Scranta

One woman! One fight! One victory! In the late 1950s, a tenacious five-foot-seven, one-hundred-ten-pound, soft-spoken secretary by the name of Velma Johnston began a fight that would change history-a fight to protect the wild mustangs of Nevada. The struggle to protect the wild horses of the United States dates back far into the post-Civil War era and continues to this day with barely thirty-five thousand wild horses left and more than fifty thousand being unethically left in government captivity. Told through stunning photographs of these beautiful creatures, Corky Scranta’s “The Wild Ones” offers the history and politics of this struggle-from the execution of wild horses during western expansion to Velma becoming Wild Horse Annie with her passionate defense of these beautiful creatures to today’s disturbingly violent roundup process. The thundering echoes of the mustang’s hoofbeats ringing throughout the West are calling: Not one more horse! No more slaughter!


Weight Training Without Injury

By Fred Stellabotte & Rachel Straub

The exercise will never hurt you–only improper form causes injury. Master the essentials of proper weight training and be safe while performing the squat, lunge, leg press, lat pulldown, reverse fly, bench press, chest fly, shoulder press, shoulder raise, biceps curl, triceps extension, plank, and more!

With over 350 full-color, step-by-step photos, Weight Training Without Injury’s unique, revolutionary approach teaches right from wrong at every step with meticulous attention to detail.

Stellabotte and Straub’s mission is simple: to enable you to master proper form and prevent injury when lifting weights. This book blends 50 years of experience and success with current scientific research (over 90 peer-reviewed publications are referenced)–all explained simply and organized in a clear format that is easy to follow.

The techniques learned here can be applied to exercises found in any bodybuilding, strength training or resistance training manual or program, making Weight Training Without Injury indispensable for the beginner, the seasoned gym goer, and the professional trainer.


We chose to go

We Chose To Go

By Charles B. Smith

A signal. From deep space. Emanating from a rocky planet orbiting a star similar to our sun. It broadcasts for mere seconds before terminating, but within those seconds is buried a tantalizing and familiar message. Rae Francis was only a little girl when Earth’s telescopes detected The Signal for the first time. A year later, when the same message returned, it set into motion a worldwide series of events which would come to define virtually every aspect of Rae’s life from that point forth. She wants to know what’s out there. She wants to know who. If it happens in her lifetime, she wants to go, no matter the cost. Will she get her chance? Will she play her part in helping to finally answer once and for all the greatest question ever posed? Are we alone?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.51.55 AM

Trading Places

By Sandra Bullock Smith

Caring for an elderly parent can be extremely challenging. The role reversal involved is emotionally and intellectually demanding, and many caregivers find themselves unprepared to undertake such a difficult task.

In Trading Places: Becoming My Mother’s Mother, author Sandra Bullock Smith shares her personal experiences spending ten years caring for her ailing mother.

This heartfelt look at the trials and tribulations of that decade offers powerful insight and encouragement for anyone entering into a similar period of life. Smith’s touching stories share the heartbreaking, and sometimes comical, moments she experienced while providing assistance to her aging parent—and how they mirrored similar events from her own childhood.

France heritage sites

The World Heritage Sites of France

By Jérôme Sabatier

Find all the information necessary to prepare your trip and your stay in France in order to discover these exceptional sites of indisputable universal value : suggested itinerary for visiting, the history of each site and monument, touristic information, tips, the museums, an events calendar, practical information on transport, and a selection of more than 500 addresses of accommodation and restaurants. Prices and opening hours shown are for 2015.

Pie rats

The Trophy of Champions

By Cameron Paul Stelzer

Book 4 in the internationally award-winning Pie Rat series. Every four years, the greatest pirate crews on the seven seas gather for an epic tournament of strength and skill. In the Pirate Cup, there is no silver and no bronze, only gold, gold, gold for the winning team, and the legendary Trophy of Champions. As an official entrant, Whisker has more on his mind than victory. He is on the trail of a fox in a black trench coat, and an answer.

The More You Do The Better You Feel - Front Cover

The More You Do, The Better You Feel

By David Parker

The award-winning self-help book, “The More You Do The Better You Feel: How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life” deals with the relationship between habitual procrastination, self-esteem, and mental depression.

David Parker suffered for years with severe and debilitating depression and anxiety illnesses.  Several years ago during a particularly difficult bout with depression, he recalled a friend’s advice that he should start keeping a feeling’s diary.  The idea was if he could capture his thoughts on paper, it might help alleviate his anxiety.

He began doing that and as time passed, he started to add “to do” notes in his diary’s margins.  These notes were “reminders” of tasks he needed to accomplish.  In time, Mr. Parker notice that while he liked writing those reminders, upon review of several diary pages, he realized that most of them remained undone.  Moreover, he felt immobilized and unable to deal with his tasks.  This caused him great anguish.

It was from this experience that Mr. Parker began to see a connection between the high number of tasks he avoided facing, and his poor feelings and low self-esteem.  Armed with this insight, he saw that his procrastination was the result of the high level of anxiety he felt whenever he simply thought about any of his undone tasks.

In time, Mr. Parker developed a simple, yet effective technique that helped him to stop focusing on his incomplete tasks by redirecting his anxious mind’s overwhelming thoughts into positive steps that he could take.  He did this by learning to focus on Just One Task, which he incorporated into his own technique—which he named: “The J.O.T. Method™.”


The Monster Realm

By Nara Duffie

Medusa aimed her poisoned arrow right at Lillian …

Lillian always loved stories about myths and monsters–until she found herself inside one, fighting for her life!

Joined by her best friends, Katy and Maisy, Lillian must cross a sea guarded by Krakens and sirens, race through a dark forest haunted by elves and chimeras, and cross mountains ruled by griffins and rocs.

Where in this world is Lillian’s sister? Who is the mysterious boy with the stone medallion? Why do the monsters hold an ancient grudge against humanity? And what is the secret hiding at the heart of it all?

Before the Court of Heaven_cover FINAL-page-001

Before the court of heaven

By Jack Mayer

Historical fiction based on the true story of Ernst Techow, a young fascist assassin responsible for the 1922 murder of the highest-ranking Jew in Weimar Germany, Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau. Rathenau’s mother’s letter, read at Ernst’s trial, offers her forgiveness if he confesses his guilt and repents before the court of heaven. Her letter becomes the fulcrum of Ernst’s redemption. A literary portrayal of Germany from the beginning of the 20th Century to W. W. II, BEFORE THE COURT OF HEAVEN is also a thriller and the tender love story of Ernst and Lisa.

pie rats 3
the ankor

The Angkor Guidebook

By Andrew Booth

Hey, Baby, Look!

By Kate Shannon

Abracadabra Tut

By Page McBrier
saving mona

Saving Mona Lisa

By Gerri Chanel

Anna’s Bear

By O.W. Shumaker

Deadly Lies

By Chris Patchell
the hockey
the carpathian

The Carpathian Assignment

By Chip Wagar

Fatal Redemption

By Lou Kilzer & Mark Boyden
the wanton


By D. Hart St. Martin
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Mazie Baby

By Julie Frayn


By Christopher Madsen
the other


By Jonathan Maas
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kate's escape
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After Action

By Dan Sheehan

Salvation of a Serial Celibate

By Gregory McAllister
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Days of Amber

By Alex Chu
the punk
little american
wife for

Widow Walk

By Gerard LaSalle
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He Did You a Favor

By Debra Rogers
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The Bank Holiday Murders

By Tom Wescott
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Out of the Rabbit Hole

By Sheri Bloom
to keep

To Keep My Body Safe I Have a Plan

By Katherine Eskovitz
your wild
young soldiers

Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors

By Robert H. Sholly
The ChristmasTree

The Christmas Tree Elf

By Valentine D'Arcy Sheldon

Crazy for Italian Food

By Joe Famularo

COMPASS, Creating Exceptional Organizations

By William F. Brandt Jr.
the new art

The New Art of Dying

By Diane Burnside Murdock
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Tainted (Lisen of Solsta)

By D. Hart St. Martin
that crazy

That Crazy Little Thing

By Kate Bracy

Split Rock Road

By James McAllen


By Martin Kee

Dancing on Rocks

By Rose Senehi
the light

The Light Changes

By Amy Billone
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Red Sand

By Ronan Cray
the spark

The Spark

By John Kenny
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The Boy Who Lived With Ghosts

By John Mitchell
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The Hour of Parade

By Alan Bray
An Animal Life

An Animal Life

By Howard Krum


By LC Barlow
the strange birth
the millennial

The Millennial Sword

By Shannon Phillips
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Pie Rats: Forgotten Map

By Cameron Stelzer

Quincy & Buck

By Camille Matthews

Women’s Work

By Kari Aguilar
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The Latecomers Fan Club

By Diane V. Mulligan
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99 Jobs

By Joe Cottonwood
Cupcake Jones

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