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We Chose To Go

By Charles B. Smith
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A signal. From deep space. Emanating from a rocky planet orbiting a star similar to our sun. It broadcasts for mere seconds before terminating, but within those seconds is buried a tantalizing and familiar message. Rae Francis was only a little girl when Earth’s telescopes detected The Signal for the first time. A year later, when the same message returned, it set into motion a worldwide series of events which would come to define virtually every aspect of Rae’s life from that point forth. She wants to know what’s out there. She wants to know who. If it happens in her lifetime, she wants to go, no matter the cost. Will she get her chance? Will she play her part in helping to finally answer once and for all the greatest question ever posed? Are we alone?

About Charles B. Smith

Charles B. Smith

Charles B. Smith was born in 1983 in Ishpeming, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He lives with his wife and two cats in Negaunee, MI, and works a blue collar job in a local dairy plant. He has a website at

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