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The Wild Ones

By Corky Scranta
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One woman! One fight! One victory! In the late 1950s, a tenacious five-foot-seven, one-hundred-ten-pound, soft-spoken secretary by the name of Velma Johnston began a fight that would change history-a fight to protect the wild mustangs of Nevada. The struggle to protect the wild horses of the United States dates back far into the post-Civil War era and continues to this day with barely thirty-five thousand wild horses left and more than fifty thousand being unethically left in government captivity. Told through stunning photographs of these beautiful creatures, Corky Scranta’s “The Wild Ones” offers the history and politics of this struggle-from the execution of wild horses during western expansion to Velma becoming Wild Horse Annie with her passionate defense of these beautiful creatures to today’s disturbingly violent roundup process. The thundering echoes of the mustang’s hoofbeats ringing throughout the West are calling: Not one more horse! No more slaughter!

About Corky Scranta

Corky Scranta

The Virginia Range Mustangs are just a few of the many endangered wild horses left in the US and if we do not protect them many rare species will disappear forever. The purchase of each book (The Wild Ones) guarantees donations to Return to Freedom and to ISPMB these organizations need your help they are working tirelessly to help save a national treasure. Buy a book save a horse it wont change the world but it will mean the world to that horse.

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