The More You Do, The Better You Feel

How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life

By David Parker
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The award-winning self-help book, “The More You Do The Better You Feel: How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life” deals with the relationship between habitual procrastination, self-esteem, and mental depression.

David Parker suffered for years with severe and debilitating depression and anxiety illnesses.  Several years ago during a particularly difficult bout with depression, he recalled a friend’s advice that he should start keeping a feeling’s diary.  The idea was if he could capture his thoughts on paper, it might help alleviate his anxiety.

He began doing that and as time passed, he started to add “to do” notes in his diary’s margins.  These notes were “reminders” of tasks he needed to accomplish.  In time, Mr. Parker notice that while he liked writing those reminders, upon review of several diary pages, he realized that most of them remained undone.  Moreover, he felt immobilized and unable to deal with his tasks.  This caused him great anguish.

It was from this experience that Mr. Parker began to see a connection between the high number of tasks he avoided facing, and his poor feelings and low self-esteem.  Armed with this insight, he saw that his procrastination was the result of the high level of anxiety he felt whenever he simply thought about any of his undone tasks.

In time, Mr. Parker developed a simple, yet effective technique that helped him to stop focusing on his incomplete tasks by redirecting his anxious mind’s overwhelming thoughts into positive steps that he could take.  He did this by learning to focus on Just One Task, which he incorporated into his own technique—which he named: “The J.O.T. Method™.”

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