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The Emergence of One American Nation

The Revolution, the Founders, and the Constitution

By Donald J. Fraser
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In the Emergence of One American Nation, Donald J. Fraser explores the difficulties that the founding generation confronted in molding the United States into one nation. At the heart of that endeavor was the effort to create and ratify a new Constitution for the country, one to replace the failed Articles of Confederation. Fraser not only explains the American leaders’ process of constitution making, but places it clearly in the context of the separation from Great Britian, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and fighting the Revolutionary War.

About Donald J. Fraser

Donald J. Fraser

Donald J. Fraser has spent a lifetimeworking in a variety of capacities in government. This includes directexperience in the management of local government organizations and specializedassistance as a consultant. These experiences give him a unique and realisticperspective about actual public sector decision-making, a perspective sometimesmissing from scholarly works. Fraser holds a bachelor’s degree in politicalscience and a master’s degree in public policy and administration. The Emergence of One American Nation ishis first book.

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