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The Diaries

By Chuck Driskell
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He thought it was a routine surveillance job.

They thought he was an ordinary citizen.

Neither could have been more wrong.

Propelled by the discovery of a set of mind-bending diaries written by Adolf Hitler’s unwilling lover, a deadly pursuit ensues across Europe. Chased is Gage Hartline, a former special operations soldier. Stalking him are the French mob, a rogue DGSE agent, and his former employer, the United States Army. But when the one he loves is ripped from him, Gage turns the tables and becomes the hunter.

The first book in the Gage Hartline series, The Diaries is a modern example of the classic European espionage thriller.

About Chuck Driskell

Chuck Driskell

Husband. Daddy. Friend. Laughs and enjoys when others laugh with him. Can’t sleep without first reading. Can become “mildly” cross when dealing with bad drivers. Loves steak. Loves post-punk bands, mainly British. Travels to Europe as often as possible. Can’t resist a great pilsner. Ex-skydiver with scars. SCUBA diver. Motorcyclist. Likes to be scared. Speaks Spanish and German…at toddler level (depending on bier/cerveza intake.) Has strong beliefs and respects the beliefs of others.

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