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No Remorse

By Ian Walkley
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Lee McCloud (Mac), an ex Delta Force operative, heads a covert mission for the CIA so he can clear his reputation for a prior rescue mission gone wrong.

While Mac and his team of international partners are working on the covert mission, they discover that they are onto something even grislier than a human trafficking ring.

Mac is a tough, get-the-job-done soldier who has seen some gruesome things in his time, but this no nonsense operative finds himself striking a deal with the CIA so he can clear his name for a prior rescue mission gone wrong, but also he wants to find his friend’s sixteen-year-old daughter who was abducted with her friend off the streets of Tijuana city. Mac believes that both girls are now entrapped in an international sex slave ring run by Sheik Kalid Yubani. As the plot develops, it becomes evident that the fate of the abducted international male and female teenagers involves more than sex slavery.

Author Ian Walkley skillfully weaves together an action-packed plot filled with gritty, credible details and a cast of well-rounded male and female characters possessing complex psychological profiles and strong motives. Plot twists and turns keep the pace of the story moving quickly, while Walkley creates a disconcerting edginess and tone by contrasting the descriptive narrative of exotic places with the stark, grisly realities of the criminal activity:

“The island was shaped like a starfish with three arms . . . Laughing, free-spirited children ran beside the car, waving and calling to them as they slowed through villages.”

NO REMORSE is a suspenseful adventure thriller that provides a sinister commentary on human conscience and the price people will let others pay for their own gain.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader

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