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Masters’ Mysterium

Las Vegas (Volume 2)

By R. R. Reynolds
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What happens when angels move to Sin City?

For years angels led quiet lives, protected by their human friends in a sleepy northern Wisconsin town. Until Reverend Jay Masters’ quest to find a new exhibit for his museum of oddities in Wisconsin Dells accidentally caused all hell to break loose–literally.

Now, news is spreading across the globe that humans are not alone. People want answers to supernatural questions, and Masters greedily hopes to fill that void, and his wallet, by opening a Las Vegas branch of his now infamous exhibit on angels and demons: Masters’ Mysterium.

Masters’ daughter Trudy, her faith healer fiancĂ© Gavin, and their angelic friend Rachel flee the now militarized Creekside, Wisconsin, embarking on a daring cross-country journey to the dilapidated desert town of Calamity, Nevada, where they hope to find refuge. There a growing community of humans and angels will work together to bring a glimpse of heaven to the arid Nevada desert.

Unfortunately, since the not-so-good reverend is involved, evil follows him at every turn, and it threatens to provoke a confrontation between seraphic forces under the neon lights.

Masters’ Mysterium: Las Vegas continues the saga that started in Wisconsin and ushers in the age of the magician.

About R. R. Reynolds

R. R. Reynolds

R. R. Reynolds was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but grew up on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. Eventually the polders of the Netherlands beckoned him to live below sea level. After stints working in Denmark, India, and Nepal, he ended up living a snowball’s throw from the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. Upon returning to the United States, he enjoyed ten years defrosting under the south Florida sunshine. Lilapsophobia drove him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he found his new home and life as a certified Green Bay Packers-loving, Badger-rooting, brat-eating Wisconsin Cheesehead.

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