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I Am Ed

By R.A. Ackerlund
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Ed Henderson was sixteen when his mother died, leaving him the sole provider for his three younger brothers. To keep the family from being separated and put in foster care, Ed abandons his dream of leaving home and throws himself into raising his siblings. He has no time to process and grieve the loss of his mother; his surviving family members take priority.

Living for his brothers becomes Ed’s world. To help them deal with their own sorrow, he teaches them to play musical instruments. Together with Ed’s friend Matt, they form the Hendersons, a band that suddenly hits the big time.

But wealth and fame bring their own dangers, and soon Ed finds himself guiding a heroin-addicted sibling back to health while unexpectedly becoming a father himself—and losing the woman he loves.

Living for others at his own expense takes a steady, cumulative toll—a cost Ed begins to pay. Falling into the hard-partying, cocaine-dusted music industry lifestyle, he seems lost.

It’s time for Ed’s brothers to take care of him and help him claim his own happiness. Sometimes, however, the journey away from grief only ends in more pain.

About R.A. Ackerlund

R.A. Ackerlund

R. A. Akerlund has lived in London since the age of sixteen. Now in her early forties, Akerlund has written poetry, short stories, and lyrics all her life. She has sung and played in bands—and even spent some time presenting on MTV in her early twenties.

Life as a backing singer for the greats, signing on with a major label, and the loss of a parent inspired Akerlund to write about Ed and his brothers, a story heavily influenced by her own experiences.

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