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Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Single Motherhood, Adoption, and Abortion Questions and Resources

By Tyne Traverson
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Written by a psychiatrist, this book discusses 78 reliable resources and asks essential questions about single motherhood, adoption, and abortion to help you carefully think through your decisions about your unplanned pregnancy. You could use its balanced, factual information and comprehensive questions to start a conversation with parents or partner, then link directly to the resources to help you pursue the decision that is best for you.The single motherhood resources discuss such things as calculating costs, lists of how-to books, support-groups, money management, government programs, and housing options.The adoption resources address adoption law, types of adoption, adoption agencies, how to establish a continuing relationship with the adoption family and adopted child, and so on.The abortion resources talk about contraception, gestational age, medical abortion, each surgical abortion type, abortion law, finding providers, funding, talk-lines, and the ACOG’s FAQ site.

About Tyne Traverson

There’s an MD at the end of my name, though there isn’t one at the end of my pen name. After getting an MD from the Medical College of Georgia, I completed a psychiatric residency at Sheppard Pratt Hospital. I’m certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and am a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Although most of my career has been spent in the private practice of psychiatry, I’ve also worked in clinic, hospital, and college settings. I’ve been a clinical assistant professor at the University of Maryland and Emory medical schools. I didn’t rely solely on my own expertise in writing this book. I consulted gynecologists and other professionals.

I wrote Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy because I wanted you to benefit from what my patients, over the years, have taught me about unplanned pregnancy. They trusted me with their insights. They confided in me the questions they were asking themselves and their concerns about the effect their decision would have on their life and the lives of others. Their questions and the consequences they experienced have shaped this book. Besides women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, I have worked with their parents, single mothers, women who have had abortions, birth-mothers, adoptive parents, people who have been adopted, people who have wished they had never been born, and people glad they were born. I suspect that they would all stress the need for you to think carefully about your unplanned pregnancy to make your own best decision.

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