Managing Bubbie

By Russel Lazega

Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie. Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch’s twilight years are spent in comfort, safety, and serenity. But how do you manage an aging, immutably stubborn Holocaust survivor who has risen above the squalor of Poland’s ghettos; fled across the war-torn German wilderness; and survived […]

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Trading Places

By Sandra Bullock Smith

Caring for an elderly parent can be extremely challenging. The role reversal involved is emotionally and intellectually demanding, and many caregivers find themselves unprepared to undertake such a difficult task. In Trading Places: Becoming My Mother’s Mother, author Sandra Bullock Smith shares her personal experiences spending ten years caring for her ailing mother. This heartfelt […]

after action 1

After Action

By Dan Sheehan

Salvation of a Serial Celibate

By Gregory McAllister
little american

Little American Man

By Lior Lampert
the boy
99 big

99 Jobs

By Joe Cottonwood

Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found

By Julie Mannix von Zerneck & Kathy Hatfield

After giving up her baby for adoption, a Pennsylvania debutante spends her adult life wondering what happened to her daughter…until the two reunite.

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